Na noite do ventre, o diamante (“The Hidden Diamond”): The family . A Majestade do Xingu, São Paulo: Companhia das Letras , pb , p. Croatia. A Majestade do Xingu (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Moacyr Scliar and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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English translation copyright c Andrea Rosenberg, Send this link to let others join your presentation: He studied medicine and worked as a doctor in the public health service until his retirement. The first son, Er, is punished by God with death for his inability to procreate.

A Majestade do Xingu by Helena Teixeira Tomaz on Prezi

Maybe Noel said something. Unlike Babel, however, he did not criticize us for emigrating: What a night that was, Doctor. What I can say with absolute certainty is that I did not laugh. And he knew everyone: Noel would ignore him, laugh, make faces.

Majesty of the Xingu

Manestade once again seduces the reader in this funny, ironic novel as the masterful mxjestade he is. Can you imagine what that would be like, Doctor, to have your lip torn open by your own mother—a mother whose fingernail suddenly became a weapon, a sharpened majeatade What a night that was, Doctor. Noel would ignore him, laugh, make faces. The author starts off with the story of a man from 33 AD, a skilled and inventive salesman. Scars, Doctor, are for the brave, for those who face danger and survive it.


Horrible things happen inside it, the Black Hand stabs its fingernails into tender, innocent lips. I suppose, then, that when he looked at the photos of Brazilian Indians, Noel Nutels, little Noel Nutels, laughed, laughed hard, laughed delightedly. And somewhat distractedly she thought, These people lying here rescued us, the house of their death is the sanctuary that will save our lives.

A horrible scene, and anyone who witnesses it is in obvious danger. Two of his sons, Er and Onan marry, one after the other, the young and beautiful Tamar, but neither of them manage to father any children.

During the voyage—such a long voyage—we were always together. She was there, tense, eyes wild—waiting for the danger to pass, or for her nails to grow? In general the crew treated us well, Noel and me. The ship weighed anchor and, with a lugubrious whistle, moved away from the quay.

Fo gestured to me and we left, his head held high, defiant. I told my parents the xinggu, asking if they knew if there were Indians in Brazil who ate people. Not up close, of course, because I never returned to Russia.

Berta pulls her son into her arms and, followed by her sister, runs to take refuge in an old cemetery. Written by Moacyr Scliar. Do you know what I envied about Noel, with a deadly envy? Of course he did—Noel was always interested in everything—but how interested was he, on a scale from zero to ten, on a scale from one to five stars? That scar had a story, Doctor, a story Noel told me several times, and I always listened eagerly, despite my resentment.

Noel was good, he was so good he was a saint, a Jewish saint, a merciful Jehovah.



Do you msjestade what her sister was doing at that moment, Doctor? He laughs a lot, Noel does.

Crown BooksBallantine. There they were, a group of six, a man, three women, two children, naked, their bodies painted. I admired that in Noel, majestadw courage. To the engine room! Noel, a handsome, cheerful boy with large, lively eyes.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Could that interest be called fascination? And he knew everyone: And that friendship, I was certain, would last forever. And there he was at the top of the gangway: I, his little baby brother, full of makestade for the firstborn son, I was the white plague; I, the Black Hand, shaped his destiny. And also his exuberance, his ability to make everybody laugh.

A horrible scene, and anyone who witnesses it is in obvious danger. The timorous can only count on the majestaade majewtade of their cowardice, the internal wound that will accompany them xjngu. Looking at the Indians, what I felt, Doctor, was fear. A woman saw me crying and took pity on me: Romance Memorial Personagens principais: That must have been an important moment, the moment when Noel—even if it was just in a photo—saw Indians for the first time.

As in his previous works, the author looks back to tell the present through the past. Copyright c Moacyr Scliar,