I will begin by saying that the original Cult of Ecstasy Tradition Book was my favorite of The Cult of Ecstasy aren’t just the “party mages” one might expect from. When the mages get to the party, though, they find out that there’s a very specific point to all the revelry. The Cult of Ecstasy does use things like drugs and music. When interfaced with the Lakishim the mage is briefly like unto a god, and can Cult of Ecstasy mages only suffer half the penalty of other mages for having.

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True, many artists are members of the Cult, but the Tradition accepts anyone who’s willing to try new and unexplored paths of enlightenment, artistic or otherwise.

However, the enlightened K’an Lu see the need for a balance between discipline and excess, so they too practice martial arts, meditation, trances and discipline. There, seers learned the power of altered mind states through dance, music and simple drugs. In both cases, the roots of the Tradition came together with people who broke down their own boundaries of perception and comfort in the pursuit of wisdom.

As a result of their constant gazing into five minutes ago and three days hence, they’ve developed a distracted look. Just as the Ecstatics surpass the boundaries of mundane thought and understanding, they also asceension the boundaries of time itself. These dangerous types see the modern world and its religions as weak, and ascenssion push to overthrow them with a more militant Valhallan society.

Cult of Ecstasy – Reality Deviants ~ A Mage: The Ascension Story

Hhe desperate as the fight has become, the Cult has one powerful ally on its side: The core of the Cult’s approach to magic lies in the belief that the senses can be extended to include just about everything. No mage who has felt the pain of the Earth or of the child down the asscension could bring herself to hurt an innocent.


Even for mages, the Cultists have always been trail-blazers and innovators, and while conventional morality frowns on some of their more basic practices, no one can argue that they haven’t been a dynamic force in magic. There’s no real list of the types of people who become Ecstatic mages, because anyone can realize that they’re not seeing all that there is to see. Each Ecstatic has her favorite tools. After all, exploring pain is just another way of exploring one’s limits. They can exist in ecstash society where people indulge their senses.

Like many mages, most newly awakened Cultists have trouble separating the will to perform magic from the foci that help channel it into being. That said, though, many Ecstatics lean toward some combination of drugs and music. The Storyteller determines the specific severity of the addiction, but either of the preceding penalties is appropriate as a general rule. Factions The Cult draws more new mages than any other Tradition, at first, because of its reputation as a gang of hippies.

The Ecstatics’ tools generally end up as crutches. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Click here to edit contents of this page. I can see it being something that starts as a paradigm, and catching on to gain some measure of a following as a faction of the more moderate members of the cult. Drugs, pain, hunger, intense sexual stimulation, dance and music are the traditional tools for achieving a trance state, and the Cult hasn’t really seen the need to change any of them.

You have a prime opportunity to teach people the wonders of learning by doing, making the most of their new experiences in the outdoors to open their hearts and minds to the possibility of wonder outside of the concrete, glass and chrome cities that your kids were born in.


Some things just work better for some people than others.

This process is best expressed in the Code of Ananda, a series of proverbs that are as close to sacred as anything the Cult will admit to. Wherever Cultists went, they shook up established ideas and challenged long-accepted dogmas. Ecstatic philosophy holds that all limitations are self-imposed.

The only unifying trait Ecstatics share is the fact that they realize, even if they haven’t yet Awakened, that limitations and boundaries can be ascwnsion. Once the mage has experienced and understood a thing or a situation, she can reach out and adjust it to fit her will. When the mages get to the party, acsension, they find out that there’s a very specific point to all the revelry. On the other hand, if someone comes to an Ecstatic looking for a new way to see his life, the mage will be more than happy to help him extend his senses in whatever way he’s comfortable with.

Paradigm Summary: Cult of Ecstasy

As a whole, the Cult eschews structure in cklt of encouraging creative, often chaotic rebellion. Perception, after all, is reality. By destroying the shell, they reason, they can encourage the growth of the soul. Doing so robs others of the right to control their own destiny and turns their own body against them, which are outrages the Cult will not tolerate.