This script creates a new, blank Lotus worksheet object in the Description field of the current document. LotusWorkbook must be in the OLE. Hi This is a known issue but if you get it the first time it may confuse you. Lotus script function CreateObject() does not work in NotesAgent if it. Unfortunately CreateObject returns error Cannot Create Automation Does anyone know whether there is any LotusScript equivalent?.

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CreateObject method (LotusScript Language)

Email Required, but never shown. We will cover this when we cover scope. How do you loop through all the data elements in this array? Variants usually lead to coupling within the same routine as the same variable is used for completely different things. End ForAll is used to iterate through a list, an array, or any container that can be iteratively processed. Change it to zero instead, and rerun the program. The inner loop printed the people in that sales zone.

I use reverse Hungarian notation in LotusScript; I do not use it anywhere else. If you will define a function without a return value, you should just use a subroutine.

So, instead of hard-coding values, you can use constants. Let’s build a small class to handle MS Word. Here is how many people write this loop it should not be a surprise because it is based on the Lotus Help file:. A local variable is a variable that is defined at the bottom of the pyramid, as in a subroutine or function. Next is its new name.

dllimport – Cannot create automation object – lotusscript – Stack Overflow

This line lotusecript to convert to a String cstr the following equation filesize divided by and then append another string “Kb” to it. Instead of hard-coding the value, you could make a constant:. In addition to allowing a developer to reuse code, subroutines and functions permit the implementation of information hiding, the technique of putting code together that belongs together under a clear name that accomplishes a single task.


This line tells the system to fetch a value from the variable processor. It is available all subroutines and functions in the class, but not to the world. In the previous example, the creafeobject variable was not declared. This is the correct syntax. You must check for the number wherever storerooms are chosen. This loop is easier to read: In a nutshellonly things that truly will be shared throughout the form for example, an ODBC connection, session, or state variables should be in the global declarations.

So, the format is as follows:. By default, this is 1. Variants should not be used unless necessary that is, when needed to hold other containers or lotusscrpt there is no better alternative.

Now the printing is separated from the converting, and it is clear what each part is responsible for. Why did you get a Type Mismatch error? Notice that this function is almost identical to a subroutine, except for the name: Obviously, this class can become far more sophisticated than it is, providing an interface to MS Word that other developers can use without ever having to know MS Word’s VBA. Another example involves the upper and lower bounds of the application.

An error message should be displayed? You can test this by changing your tprint line to this:. You must do two things to set up a constant: So, processor 1 is the first element of five in the array processor.


After you have told the system what you want to create, the next step is to put some data into the new array. However, you can change it, as in this example:. However, we need to release the memory used by Lotus Notes to connect to Microsoft Word. The array is first defined by the Dim statement. Classes define the attributes and actions of objects. Then comes the option parameter list again, with the same parameter. Loop family of loops are where the ending conditions creatoebject checked and how ending conditions are checked.

Now we come to the first of the two key parts of all classes: While we are talking about strings and conversions, you should be aware that a number of converters are built into LotusScript to handle conversions from numbers to Strings and vice versa:. Also, the previous example included what is called lotuzscript nested loop, which is a loop inside another loop.

CreateObject method (LotusScript Language)

On the first line, instead of sub is the LotusScript command functionwhich tells the system that a function is being defined. That is why we must use a Variant here.

What does it mean? I am using Notes 9 and windows 7. In this example, it is the filesize as long piece.

GetObject and CreateObject behavior of Office automation servers

The old saying that you can look at lotusscrript a thousand times and not see that something obvious applies here. This violates our good programming standards. That’s right, it adds a new document to MS Word.