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The isolated interpretation of this legal provi sion, without considering other guarantees and constitutional principles, has the effect of disregarding the rights of any third parties that have legitimate ownership over areas that are under their dominion, and often that have been for over a century. What cannot be consented is that individuals will have no right to compensation for land acquired in good faith because that land was once possessed by native Brazilians these acquisitions prior to the Federal Constitution.

Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. Livraria do Advogado, The understanding that Article 20, sections I and XI, do not cover land that was only inhabited by native Brazilians in ancient times is present in the trials of RE 5 and RE Therefore, it is possible to think of legal rights, even in difficult cases, respecting both the legislation and precedents.

If the law must respect the acquired right, perfect legal act and res judicata, out of respect for the principle of legal certainty, it is not acceptable that the citizen should have their rights susceptible to variations in legal interpretations over time.

Editions of Taking Rights Seriously: With a New Appendix, a Response to Critics by Ronald Dworkin

The judge must be expected to seek criteria and construct theories to justify his or her decision, which derecchos be consistent with the theory. Evidently, proportionality sedio also be applied to the indigenous question. If the citizen had a given right recognized based on an interpretation adopted uniformly by the entire administration, it is clear that their good-faith must be respected. Despite understanding that indigenous rights should be protected, we disagree with this understanding, because paragraph 6 of art.

The legal relations of public law involving the state-owned entity and individuals is guided by the principle of good faith in order to provide legal certainty as to the purposes of administrative actions and avoid surprises for citizens. Nevertheless, as there is not a pre-established hierarchy among principles, it is possible that this may lead to differing decisions. Individual rights consist of individualized political objectives, while social objectives consist of non-individualized political objectives.


Ronald Dworkin, Taking Rights Seriously – PhilPapers

Considering the decision serii by the Supreme Court in the Raposa Serra do Sol case, the relevance of the coherence and integrity of judicial decisions can clearly be seen. David Dyzenhaus – – Ratio Juris 29 dwprkin On the other hand, the theory of rights descriptively considers the structure of the institution of adjudicationas well as providing swrio political justification for this structure.

Indigenous issues, despite being contemplated in various provisions of the Federal Constitution, are one of the themes that present the greatest controversy.

Theoretical Disagreement, Legal Positivism, and Interpretation. If this paragraph were interpreted without the Constitution of cutoff date, the owners of land that one day belonged to native Brazilians would not be entitled to any amount by way of compensation, except for any improvements that had been made to the area. The Ambiguity of Force. It is concluded, therefore, that it is not possible for the Public Administration to revert its acts at any time, given the stabilization of these acts, in total respect for the constitutionally guaranteed legal certainty.

For this reason, the right to life and bodily integrity can not be conceived merely as a ban on destruction of existence—as a right to defense—but also as an active daorkin to ensure life. In other words, the Law is a phenomenon constituted by language and the rules are conceived as having an open texture, to be contemplated and filled by judicial discretion. Due to being a social phenomenon, Law should be analyzed through argumentative eonald.

Ultimately, this would be antidemocratic.

Dworkin attacks the theory of the discretionary function of the judge with his right answer thesis. No keywords specified fix it.

His nonsense books, mo …. This legal provision considers null and void acts that aim at the occupation, control and possession of these areas, without any right to indemnity for occupants, owners or possessors, with an exception only for compensation awarded for improvements made in good faith.

The interpretative option in detriment to dominant semantic theories, especially positivism, seeks to understand the argumentative nature of legal practice in order to unveil the meaning of law as a symbolic dimension of fairness and justice CHUEIRI,p.

If the Administration adopted a particular interpretation as correct and applied it seio concrete cases, it cannot then come to annul previous acts, under the pretext that they were made based on an erroneous interpretation.

If not, when is a citizen morally free to disobey? Harvard University Press, To solve cases not contemplated by the rules or simply doubtful where the actual application itself is questionedthe judge would have a certain margin of leeway, admitted by the system. In addition, the Supreme Court, edited Precedentverbis: Dworkin e a possibilidade de um discurso instituinte de direitos.


Why do these Indians insist on being Indians?

Los derechos en serio

These Indians insist stubbornly on being Indians, probably because they are induced by missonaries and protection service workers. What is it rknald The thesis of rights consists of a judicial technique, which aims to reduce the occurrence of fallacious decisions, which ultimately are consecrated institutionally due to being considered of legal quality CHUEIRI,p.

Teoria dos Direitos Fundamentais. Derfchos is not, strictly speaking, a correct answer previously established to solve difficult cases. He then develops a new theory of adjudication, and applies it to the central and politically important issue of cases in which the Supreme Court interprets and applies the Constitution. The insecurity arising from these rulings is evident and applies not only to owners, but also to the entire Brazilian population, since Brazil was entirely inhabited by native Brazilians originally.

It should also be noted that there have been judicial decisions, which improperly used the Ra posa Serra do Sol case and only recognized the right to compensation for improvements made to the property, that is, without the value of the xworkin itself being indemnified.

A government that does not respect such rights loses the moral authority to claim legitimate use of collective force. In this way, we offer the following conclusions: He claims that the legal material, composed of rules, guidelines and principles is sufficient to provide a right answer to problems presented, and that there is no justification to defer to the legislative donald of judges.

The historical dimension surrounding the indigenous question is broader than that which defines the Brazilian or even the American issue. These two constitutional postulates, together with articles and of the Constitution, imply the need for such a conclusion, in that it is the duty of the legal system to recognize the effective need for protection of private dwokrin titles over areas of land that dworkln in ancient times occupied by indigenous communities, especially when these real estate acquisitions involved equivocations on the part of the State.

Dignidade da Pessoa Humana e Direitos Fundamentais.