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This was a very interesting read and brings to light a perspective approached, perhaps, only by Escape from Camp Prisoners commonly suffer frostbite, pneumonia, tuberculosis, pellagra, and other diseases, with no available medical treatment.

Los acuarios de Pyongyang

The same way, children are indoctrinated from an early age to unconditionally love their leader, yet ve tools of this indoctrination come out as the caring teachers that were good. This and a number of other books should be assigned reading for every student in American schools. I am grateful for this book for shedding light on and bearing witness to these events.

Shing Dong-hyuk was brought to the camp after nine years of a relatively comfortable upper middle class existence, and his adjustment as a child and then teenager to a life of forced labor, beatings, starvation and other hardships makes for incredibly harrowing reading. His family is still in North Korea. Yet nothing seems to shake the uncritical reverence to the ancestors.

He and his family live in this nightmare prison camp for ten years. The author was imprisoned, as a child, together with his entire acuraios, father, uncles, sister and This book is a horror story about unspeakable suffering and human evil and it is hard not to be moved by it. Eventually making their way into South Korea, they faced the antipathy of their erstwhile countrymen, brought up on a steady diet of high-quality propoganda sponsored by the North and its agents.


A stint in the sweatbox could be crippling, with permanent aftereffects. And in the end, there is the realisation that Ptongyang Korea’s evil political system was created by humans, so it represents the possibility for evil w For those who think evil doesn’t exist or is a word that shouldn’t be said out loud, this memoir is a useful introduction to reality.

Highly recommend this book. They were still under close surveillance though and Kang’s father and grandmother died within a few years of their release.

Written from the first-person perspective of a man wh As a trained Korean cryptolinguist, I was aware of some of the ways in which the evil regime of Kim Jong Il represses its citizens, but this book painted a clear and detailed portrait of a people so crushed beneath the boot heel of their gov’t as to make any lover of liberty despair. There are many buzzwords and phrases you’ll often hear when the country appears in the news, such as crimes against humanity, discrimination, and unspeakable atrocities.

After his grandfather disappears, Kang and his family are visited by the North Korean authorities, loaded on a truck, and trucked to gulag Yodok. The teams antics that night were seen as corrupt and landed almost the entire team in concentration camps upon their return.

I don’t want to see any more skeletal children with wide, frightened eyes. Not because of any infraction, just caught in the undertow. As soon as they arrive they realise it is a mistake and they eventually end up in a concentration camp.

His family had actually emigrated to North Korea from Japan because his grandparents believed wrongly that they could return to North Korea and help re-build the country. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

My only qualm with Aquariums of Pyongyang was that I didn’t know where the ghost writer’s contributions, Pierre Rigoulot, started and ended.


Refresh and try again. I held my breath as the net tightened around them. Return to Book Page.

Los acuarios de Pyongyang by Kang Chol-Hwan (5 star ratings)

It’s a difficult and shocking thing to read, but one I feel everybody should. We can only hope the “wall” comes down between North Korea and the rest of the world, so people don’t have to leave their homeland just to survive – and sooner rather than later.

He was never seen or heard from again and to this date nothing is known about his ultimate fate. Their family had relocated to Japan and was living a prosperous and happy existence. Nine-year old Kang, his 7-year-old sister, his grandmother, his father and his uncle were all sent together to Yodok. First, the grandfather’s Volvo was confiscated by the authorities. They spent ten years in the camp before they were finally released, but unfortunately they never determined what happened to the grandfather.

Because he is fallen out of grace with the party power, the author distances himself from the personality cult of the North Korean leaders. Shing Dong-hyuk was brought to the camp after nine y https: Yet by repeating it so often, I occasionally felt I was trading my experience for a story that was no longer entirely my own. How else can the North Korean regime acuario described?

The aquariums are a glimmer of his former, happy life in Pyongyang, but also a metaphor. She realized the horrible mistake too late.

A fish has nowhere to hide in an aquarium, no privacy, they are watched and controlled.