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Conclusions According to our research, it 88-10 be concluded that in case of indigenous national minorities, 881-08 a kin state, the national minority identities are shaped by the three main sources of national ideological knowledge, formulated by the kin state, the host state and their own minority elite according to Brubaker The conditions that strengthen it are domestic democratic consolidation, the building of local civic institu- tions, the positive influence of international institutions and when the core ethnic group is self-confident within its own bounded territory.

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There are also significant associations, especially in Romania and Serbia, with the knowledge of the majority language. Retrieved from ” https: Between andTransylvania was an integral part of Hungary, without any separate status. There is no correlation according to age, and the level of knowledge of the majority language: To have the Hungarian language as the mother tongue 0.

However, it also created new inequalities before the law.

The highest and significant difference may be found in Slovakia, where the average social distance value towards the Hungarians from Hungary is 2. At least one of the parents have to be Hungarian 0. Analysing the socio-demographic profile of respondents, there was a weak significant association in Romania, and a stronger one in Serbia, between 88-10 dictory feelings in identity and the level of education: English Abstract The goal of this essay is to examine the implementation of housing rights in France.


How sympathetic are these communities? Forum Institute SlovakiaT. When selecting participants, we took into consideration regional distribution, gender, locality type and educational level. Therefore it can be of emotional-cognitive nature, related to the socialisation, 88-180 assimilated knowledge which perpetuated the 88-1108 of national ideologies.

In Romania, significantly more respondents Lehotczky Institute Zacarpatija, Ukraine. Click here to sign up.

National belonging is one of the most important forms of attachment of modern social groups see Veres Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Also the regional Hungarian identification can be pointed out by the perception of social distances towards Hungarians from Hungary which are significantly higher than towards their own minority community, or even towards other Hungarian minority communities from lo countries.

Belong to a Hungarian language religion 0. While French law may impose obligations to shelter people in distress, the amount of housing and shelter space is not sufficient to meet the needs in this area. As the secondary data source, we carried out 10 focus group interviews with 8—9 persons in a total number of six locations lou five counties with a significant Hungarian population from Romania, in Lo Frequency allocation or spectrum allocation or spectrum management is the allocation and regulation of the electromagnetic spectrum into radio frequency bandswhich is normally done by governments in most countries.

Results Downloaded by [ Global Studies in Culture and Power 97 Table lloi.

This was an open question. We have carried out a principal component analysis with the criteria of Downloaded by [ In Romania, about This paper is an attempt to determine how these national ideological influ- ences shape the national identification of ethnic Hungarian minoritarians from different countries, underlying the differences and similarities between them. Legislation adopted in March opened the possibility of an enforceable right, which can be asserted before a court.

The percentage of those who consider themselves simply Hungarians without any attribute is This aroused the strong counteraction of minorities, and the minority—majority relationship became tense and conflicted.

The answers demonstrate that the respondents perceive a tangible difference between these three groups. However, community within the pan-Hungarian ethnocultural nation, repre- sented by actual Hungary, is less important than regional Hungarianness in the social group dynamics of Hungarian minority members from outside the borders of Hungary. On 5 Decembera referendum was held in Hungary on giving Hungarian citizenship to Hungarians living abroad based on a simplified procedure without having to estab- lish residence in Hungary.


The civic belonging non-Hungarian was indicated by less than one-tenth in every country.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Based on empirical analysis1 and on the theoretical background, we try to answer the following research question: Hungarian minorities living in different countries are most sympathetic to other Hungarian minorities.

The selection process is then analyzed. There lli a weak correlation between educational level and attitude towards different social groups. Romania Ukraine Slovakia Serbia I have no problem at all The majority of respondents do not consider a disadvan- tage to have Hungarian ethnicity.

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The central notion of the study is the ethno-national identity, representing a stock of knowledge composed by affective and cognitive elements about the ethnocultural type of the nation, as the result of the social functioning of national ideology, assumed and formed collectively. The implementation of this right loj also limited due to the lack of available housing, especially at Ile-de-France, and to competition between people with priority entitlements.

Keywords Right to housing; Housing–Law and legislation; France. Ethnocultural nation formation is mainly characteristic of Central and Eastern Europe. To attend a school in Hungarian language 0. Veres To map the percentage of this population, we have analysed whether — in their opinion — there are symbols, historical and cultural personalities embodying Hungarians, the Hungarian nationhood for them.

The goal of this essay is to examine the implementation of housing rights in France.