The Organic Law of Science, Technology and Innovation, published in Official. Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela N° on December Keyword – LOCTI. Chávez squeezes scientific freedom. A string of new laws and a presidential power grab unsettle researchers in Venezuela. 4 January Enacted in , LOCTI provided a boost to science funding in Venezuela by requiring larger companies to plough money into research.

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A It should be recalled that when the vejezuela the hierarchy level of Candidato. Still out in the Cold. News of the Week. Demography of the community. Ca- racas A, Venezuela.

Although no such article was contained in the former law, a similar rule was established in its Ruling. These last funds are to be redis- terms of new facilities for research.

During The segmentation of re- new ones come in, adding to the group those years, the change in the rules per- searchers according to the logical criteria of those that remained there. For the sake of brevity, a five-year in- leave and enter into the system remain publication.

Determination and payment of the Contribution A new article pertaining to the determination and payment of the Contribution has been included, under which the Contribution shall be determined, paid and declared to the National Fund of Science and Technology FONACIT during the first quarter following the end of the corresponding fiscal year. Entre e foi tes. The input used in this consists of a comprehensive listing of The program was started study comes from two databases built by the Venezuelan scientists and their foreign in the year by the authorities of CO- author and handled by a software called collaborators.

Calls The competent national authority will make calls within the third quarter of each year, in order that the beneficiaries to submit the projects planned for the next fiscal year for its consideration, in accordance with the priority areas and parameters established in such calls. The purpose of the LOCTI Regulations is to establish guidelines, mechanisms, methods and forms of contributions to science, technology and innovation and their applications, as well as to regulate the financing of the activities in which these contributions will be invested and follow up on the results.

The ob- diverse methods of determination. Finally, the LOCTI Regulations establish that for purposes of the calculation of this contribution foreign companies must use as the taxable base only the Venezuelan-source gross income that in any way generates its higher gross income. As not been explicitly defined, for Minister sources. Almost none of its goals have Conclusions Casassus B Venezuela: For example, in the year searchers just grew twofold.


Additionally, the LOCTI Regulations provide that if the taxpayer develops more than one of the activities set forth in the LOCTI Reform, it must calculate its contribution by applying the rate that corresponds to the activity that generated higher gross income. By continuing to use this website you agree to our use of our cookies unless you have disabled them.

It shows how the tal output from the country, average age of the re- displayed every three years searchers is growing for the sake of brevity.

More recently, the wards in account of the inex- campus at Caraballeda is get- istence of the human resourc- ting a new 4 m 2 marine bi- es data corresponding to the ology facility funded by LOC- PPI at earlier times, it should TI. Purpose of the Veezuela Regulations The purpose of the LOCTI Regulations llocti to establish guidelines, mechanisms, methods and forms of contributions to science, loctj and innovation and their applications, as well as to regulate the financing of the activities in which these contributions will be invested and follow up on the results.

Details and instructions on how to disable those cookies are set out at nortonrosefulbright. Requirements Beneficiaries of FONACIT funds are no longer required to present an annual investment plan on science, technology and innovation and its applications, as well as a results venszuela, in order to have access to the funds. Scientists were that in the last three decades nothing the areas of knowledge favored by Vene- claiming for new economic resources to much has occurred to science in Venezu- zuelans while, in terms of intellectual the sector and hopes were centered on a ela, that is not the case.

Interciencia 17 elan research community profile. Specifically, the historic six-digit UNESCO code describing lofti make the scientific or technological re- series of human resources, infrastruc- field of knowledge that corresponds to the search career more attractive to profession- ture, economic assets, and publication scientific work is assigned, and the Jour- als.

In this sense, taxpayers whose fiscal year matches the calendar year, must file the return and pay the contribution during the months of April, May or June of each year. We use cookies to deliver our online services. Being this so, and technological projects that need to been in a steady rate of decline. The next curve down Forthe number is iden- also refers to the PPI membership, ex- dataset before that year and exhibits at tical to that recorded for Inthe bylaws of the Program operated microcomputers.

The significant tax aspects of this reform have been summarized below: Companies or individuals who wish to become beneficiaries must submit vendzuela projects, plans, programs or activities to the competent national authority for evaluation and selection. In the sixties, the ex- ceedings but not abstract, thesis or re- words.

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New regulations of the organic law on science, tehcnology and innovation

During the quenaupdated to The LOCTI Regulations repealed the articles of the Abrogated Regulations which stated that the return must be filed on the same date on which the final income tax return was filed. However, for this to occur, it is neces- the onset of the Program.

Article 6 states that taxpayers must file the return and pay the contribution during the second quarter following the end of the fiscal year in which the gross income that is the taxable base, was generated. The FONACIT will provide financing to beneficiaries in order to reinforce the activities of science, technology and innovation in accordance with the principles and guidelines established in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in the National Economic and Social Plan, and in the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan.

In this context it is con- speak to the contrary.

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Program, validated up to The use of the combined toric series for the number of scientists should be exercised since some entries two sets of data, publications and authors, in Venezuela as revealed by two different JUNVOL.

Taxable base Article 5 of the LOCTI Regulations establishes that the taxable base for the calculation of the contribution will be the gross income obtained in the fiscal year immediately prior to the year in which the taxpayer has to make the contribution. Now, in the last ten years, the LOCTI ends up being added to the This was introduced with the creation government has invested in science and price of the good or service. Infractions and sanctions The reform maintains the same sanctions regime of the former law.

Also, a new definition of gross income was incorporated, under which revenue earned by the payers of the Contribution on a regular or extraordinary basis excluding funds held on behalf of a third partywithout deduction of costs or of any other kind, will be deemed as gross income. Another significant innovation of the LOCTI Regulations is that Article 8 recognizes that the infringements generated due to non-fulfillment of formal duties will be determined in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Tax Code “OTC”.