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Laingik shikshan vidyalaya

It will turn to truth one day. One person defending himself with plus people. Edward on the release of this valuable book for the lay persons. You are entirely different in nature with your dedicated service to the humanity.

I feel proud that I played important role in his first medical book ‘Yuvazanank Laingik Shikshan’ by writing forward to the book and also for popularising the book among the youth. Simon Crasta Tue, Dec 6 Mr.

According to a recently published report, rising longevity marks growing life expectancy in all parts of the world. Pidestank ek doctor matr nai astana ek xhikshan, advisor javn tuvem korchi seva vorthi.

Buy Laingik Shikshan Anjali Dixit Jagannath Dixit लैंगिक शिक्षण

Edward on the release of your new book. A healthy life is always a reflection of the precautions you take in making it delightful. Medical topics are complex in nature. We get into bigger ailments while neglecting the alerting signals of curable conditions. One has to learn and revise the contents on daily basis. The number shikshxn is famous for Biblical reasons. Please let me know how to go about it for the prucahse. Fathima Sheikh Mon, Dec 5 Mr.


Laungik reading books only able to take perecaution.

The book was unveiled at a function held in Dubai recently. Thanks to Stan Ageira for his brilliant review of Dr. Russell Sun, Dec 11 Congrats on such a big achievement. May the Almighty bless you a long healthy life and you write many more books which will lead an individual to a good and healthy life. Edward is answering all question related to health is in englidh and it is very useful and i personally aapreciate. Good Work and your comment justifable as per I am concerned. The higher level of ageing population is triumph of humanity but also a challenge to society.

Almighty God bless you and your family abundantly and give you the grace and strength to continue with the good work. They are not for time pass reading. The book could be worthwhile friend for both elderly persons and the custodians as well. Don’t ever think if more than dislikes will change your point of view.

Laingik Shikshan By Dr. A. P. Choudhari,Diamond Publications

Remedial measures have been suggested shikxhan these disorders and several other old age related frailty. If our lives are in God’s hands then why should we go to hospital for our physical and mental check up?

Dear Harsha Malhotra Its true laingjk we are puppets in God’s hand that does not mean to live irresponsibly and get diseases and suffer. Book is only useful for short period and not for long run. Nobody can laijgik overtake it. Congratulations to the prolific author. The essential factors related to the changes and transformations that take place in eyes, ears, digestive system, bones, joints and sexual organs are informatively explained. Worldwide, the number of persons over 60 years is growing faster than any other age group.


And now by touching the topic of health of seniors Malgadyanchi BolaikiDr Edward seem to have completed the entire cycle of human life from infancy to elderly stage. Fernandes Wed, Nov 30 Dear Dr.

Wilson Sun, Dec 4 Congratulations Dr. Comments on this article. It has helped thousands of youth to live a responsible life. Sneha H Wed, Nov 30 Good work sir. They are a real guide to live a happy and healthy life. I hope this book would help lot of people in order to take preventive measures in life.

Edward Nazareth to contribute medical literature in Konkani. Some basic information on old age sex is provided in this book. If this is accptable then what is wrong ih harsha’s comment.