You want to buy a sauna? Here you will find quickly and easily the most. The sauna heater has always been the heart of the sauna. Discover our range. Discover a KLAFS sauna & spa showroom near you.

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Here, infrared-C radiation generates radiant energy to warm his back more intensely. Its modern appearance, high-quality materials and innovative safety concept are unrivaled. Our expert advisors at one of our KLAFS show rooms will be happy to help you choose the sajna heater size for your desired sauna. Klafw it stands to reason that the Sauna S1 heater is its centerpiece.

Which sauna is right for me? All of our heaters impress thanks to their modern design — no matter which size you choose:.

The sauna heater has always been the heart of the sauna. For the interior we took different types of wood into account.

Afterwards, he relaxes in the sauna — because as a professional athlete, he knows how good the soothing warmth is for tired muscles, and how beneficial the sauna is for regeneration.

Comprehensive advice, sophisticated design and the highest quality are therefore all-important factors when choosing the right sauna heater. Regenerate like the professionals. Our MAJUS free-standing heater achieves this thanks to an exceptionally low load on the heating elements, premium materials such as stainless steel or cast aluminium and the strict separation of the heating elements from the sauna stones.

KLAFS saunas, steam baths, infrared heat cabins, spas and well-being

After your sauna bath, a temperature sensor on the heater makes sure that the sauna cannot be retracted until it has cooled down. Well here you can discover how our experts create perfectly measured installations in confined spaces.

Select the model that suits you when it comes to purchasing a sauna by clicking here which gives you an overview of the saunas, information about visiting our exhibition centres or access to the catalogue. And it is designed to be maintenance-free so that you can simply sit back and enjoy the pleasures of your sauna for many years to come.


Stowed away under the bench. We guarantee innovative and safe technology that is easy to use. This concept is based on an extremely robust, non-deforming wood sandwich wall construction, which is around 40 percent lighter than a con- ventional sauna of the same size.

Excellent design for an optimal feel-good climate. This stone-filled heat dispenser also plays a central role in our products. This North American conifer is particularly well suited for use in saunas because it releases heat so evenly. You can choose from red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and violet light, or you can choreograph impressive light displays just as one sees in the open air.

As is true of all KLAFS sauna control system, the two control system for the new sauna S1 include a lot of intelligent technology for maximum comfort, durability and safety. This wood is also said sayna enhance well-being olafs promote deep, restful sleep. Heating a large tub of water for washing required a great deal of energy, but people quickly discovered a more rational approach — to heat stones and place these inside a pit klzfs an enclosed room and intensively heat a confined space.

Not only the Finnish people can look back over a long tradition of sauna bathing; Indians in North America used the same technique. First you plan and then you buy your exclusive dream sauna. Sauna planning Sanua for your spa area. Overview Description Revolution Design Be inspired by our ideas and designs.

Sauna in a small space? Scroll top Scroll bottom. And what happens if you are so relaxed that you forget to switch off the sauna?

The Sauna S1 then becomes ve enjoyable saunas in one: Do you value high-quality materials, pieces of additional equipment and extraordinary design? Four SensoCare sensors control the intensity automatically.

All of our heaters impress thanks to their modern design — no matter which size you choose: Scroll top Scroll bottom. KLAFS manufactures made-to-measure saunas for rooms with complex klafd or features. The integrated RelaxAudio system will do just that. Thanks to well controlled air flow and thus low air outlet temperatures, they create a perfect feel-good climate. Sajna Weidenfeller’s Spa dream come true.


Experience KLAFS saunas and spas

The ML is your key to even greater comfort and well-being. We also offer the interior trim in walnut or lively patterned Swiss pine on request. Sauna xauna Inspiration for your sauna at home. The name says it all: Kkafs more about made to measure installations. In this way, eMove technology ensures synchronous, gentle movement. As individual as their owners: The heater has always been considered the heart of the sauna. The new sauna S1 is the first in the world that can retract at the touch of a button – just like a zoom lens on a camera When retracted, the Sauna S1 is a svelte 60 cm and no deeper than the average closet.

KLAFS: customised designs for your sauna

The two head supports for comfortable reclining are mounted for use as an ergonomic backrest. All you have to do now is decide which version best suits your style.

It transforms the entire rear wall of the sauna into a loudspeaker membrane and offers an impressive listening experience — even for the sophisticated music lover. Comprehensive advice, sophisticated design and suna highest quality are therefore all-important factors when choosing the right heater. The result is a feast for klars eyes — both from the outside looking in, and from the inside looking out.

KLAFS offer a wide range of saunas to suit all tastes and requirements.