An international bestseller, Klaus Kinski’s memoir has become a cult classic, telling “Probably the most outrageous autobiography ever–less a memoir than a. All I Need Is Love: A Memoir is the autobiography of the German actor Klaus Kinski first published in It was withdrawn from publication then, after the author’s death, retranslated, retitled, and republished in as Kinski Uncut: The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski. Few celebrity memoirs are remotely as raw, pornographic and confessional as this notorious self-portrait by German actor Kinski (), today best known .

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Y sin embargo, algo hicimos.

Why it is so difficult to get a hold of his two auto-biographies is beyond me. Herzog, the one director Kinski spends time discussing, is not spared his loathing. I came with a dictionary and we tried to find even fouler expressions. Views Read Edit View history. Invocan a esa identidad trajinada, hecha de los despojos de su propia carne.

Or so one surmises reading what must be the most incredible autobiography ever written, in English translation klauus Kinski Uncut. My total being is one large breeding ground for the shocks of the world past, present, and future.

Part of the problem may be the translation. O de mis vidas futuras.

Kinski married early in life, a union from which his daughter Nastassja Kinski was born. In my brain mass.

Kinski Uncut

The penultimate egoist, this book reads like a ploy to perpetuate his image, or the image he would like everyone to regard. Now I just feel guilty that I’m wasting my time on this trash instead of reading actual literature. For Kinski completists only, maybe. Substantially rewritten, expanded and retranslated, this volume supersedes the late actor’s All I Need Is Love. Klaus Kinski isn’t just any meglomaniacal narcissist — he sets a new autobioyraphy of autobiographj in this autobiography, which makes for a riveting tale of loathing, sexual conquest and insanity.


Kinski Uncut by Klaus Kinski. First autobiograpny cover artwork by Klaus Kinski. An autobiography so dirty, so depraved that it would reduce a book club comprised of Henry Miller, Phillip Roth and the Marquis De Sade to a series of blushing embarrassed silences. Kinski is one of my favorites to do that with. It’s a shocking story–and not for the squeamish–but it’s a great companion piece for anyone who was enthralled by Kinski’s performances in movies like FitzcarraldoAgu The German actor Klaus Kinski, best known in his roles in Werner Herzog’s films, is one of the most outrageous klaaus in film.

I was really bothered by it and upset. Dec 29, Tim Hainley rated it really liked it. I don’t have kids, either!

Both, I would say. The guy was fucking insane in the best sense of the word. It was soon withdrawn. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


I dug the hell out of the way he delivers all of his information if you can call it that. In my courage and my fear. Other editions – View all Kinski Uncut: It rules me, commands me, envelops me, threatens me, and waits for me everywhere and all the time. And his giving both allowed him to live and slowly destroyed him, or so one must surmise reading his book. And I’m reading it in translation! How did Kinski become Kinski?


Kinski Uncut: The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski: Klaus Kinski: Bloomsbury Publishing

Best pur Without a doubt one of the most outrageous “autobiographies” I’ve come across, this is really just a detailed inventory of the multitudes of women Kinski claims to have bedded.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the nature of Kinski’s prose and his tales of klas poverty throughout his childhood, even up to his early adult years, are intriguing.

And probably one urge fueled the other and viceversa. Where they were to be shot and when they were to be shot also figured in to his calculations. Prizes for passion, for hate and love?

Some of it painful as hell.

Also, Klaus Kinski wrote a book In his book, Kinski has nothing but violent hatred and disgust for every single director he ever worked for, almost none of whom are named, aside from Herzog.

I suppose if you’re not already a fan of the late, great Klaus Kinski, you won’t enjoy this half as much as I did. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His younger years sound about as rough as can be. En el estan impresas ciertas fuerzas.