CONTACT. kingsmill industries pinxton headquarters. UK Head Office. Earth Rods and Accessories. Earth Rods and Accessories. Earth Rods. Copperbond Earth Rods, deep driven, usually provide the most cost effective.

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The ring conductor is made from copper tape or cable aluminium is not permitted for use below ground and also helps to provide potential equalisation at ground level, in addition to potential grading. Elements of a Lightning Protection System In general materials used for a lightning conductor are high purity copper or aluminium of a similar grade to that used in electrical conductors. Kingsmill are proud kingsmjll be a UK owned, family run business, located in the heart of the UK and are pleased to say that they have been earthihg excellent service into the industry for the last 15 years.

See – Copper Earthing Mats Lattice For Combatting Step Potentials Problems ii Touch Potential the potential difference during fault conditions between exposed metalwork and a point on the soil surface iii Transfer Potential the potential difference between as insulated cable connected to a remote earth reference and the earth rod A number of factors kingsmoll determine whether or not a person experiencing any of these potentials will be at risk, kingsmill the standards attempt to take these into account to ascertain the limits below which the design will be considered acceptable.

The most lingsmill difference is that the earthing system is designed to ensure that potentials in its vicinity are below appropriate limits. A number of factors will determine whether or not a person experiencing any of these potentials will be at risk, and the standards attempt to take these into account to ascertain the limits below which the design will be considered acceptable.


Recently, this has changed towards the approach used in North America. Where exrthing they should be routed directly from the air termination to the earth system and be spaced symmetrically around the outside walls of the structure.

Lightning Protection & Earthing – A Brief Guide By Kingsmill Earthing

History of Kingsmill Earthing. Finally, it is usual for the lightning protection system and main power earths to be interconnected. Kingsmill thrive on solving customer products problems.

Click for more info. There are differences in the design limits applying to consumer installations and to supply industry installations and reference should be made to the correct standard to check the limits which apply in each situation.

If the building is kingsjill 20m in height or of an abnormal risk this distance should be reduced to 10m.

The principal parts are detailed below. Since their inception inKingsmill have gone from strength to strength and have developed into one of the industry market leaders – Kingsmill have done this by focusing on service, quality, price, delivery, commitment and trust.

Lightning Protection & Earthing – A Brief Guide By Kingsmill Earthing

Down Conductors The purpose of the down conductor is to provide the low impedance path from the air termination system to the earth system. In their dedicated workshop, using a combination of high tech machinery and skilled staff Kingsmill Earthing have the ability to engineer or modify product items to your exact requirements. Kingsmill Industries UK Ltd are a leading manufacturer and supplier of earthing materials and lightning protection products for the UK and international markets.

At all times consideration must be given to the possibility of side flashing. The low impedance materials are required to ensure that the lightning energy will flow safely to the ground.


For this reason, the earth termination should be bonded to the rest of the earth electrodes. An important element in the design of a lightning protection system is the consideration of bonding of exposed metalwork on or near the structure. The various standards for earthing provide design limits to be met and together with codes of practice explain how the earthing system can be designed to meet these.


However, this needs to be assessed in relation to the consequences of a direct strike. This should be at least 0. For external bonds the cross section of the bonding material should not be less than that of the main conductors. However, where this is not desirable for technical reasons, an earth potential equaliser can be installed between them. These should be a minimum of 9 metre for the whole system. To do this properly the lightning protection system must capture the lightning, lead it safely down to kinhsmill, and disperse the energy within the ground.

The earth system should be designed as a whole since the complete installation should rise in potential together, to avoid excessive voltage differences.

In the resulting calculation, if the risk is found to be less than 1: Whether or not a building needs a lightning protection scheme depends on several factors. Go back to blog index.


If exposed metalwork such as pipes or ducts etc. Elements of a Lightning Protection System.