debuting in this catalog, the heart is always the product’s optical design and its soul . “On October 11, , while hunting with a client, my truck and most of my . Catalog NIKON Hunting | Optics Trade | shopby/ Title: Nikon Hunting Catalog, Author: Tom Hadt, Name: Nikon Hunting Catalog, Length: 58 pages, Page: 1, Published:

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Up to 35mm 36mm – 50mm.

If we have dominion then we also have responsibility to protect the lives and lands that were given to us, and if we’re animals then we’d be smart to recognize our own survival depends on not destroying everything around us like a cancer.

Antony John Someone who posts their hunting picture shows your mentality.

Nikon Hunting Optics

I do not have blood lust but hunt for many reasons and one of them is to respect what I eat. You can go here to petition against the mass eviction: It’s only called ‘The Dark Continent’ because many who use the term require enlightenment themselves.

Nikon under fire over rifle scopes designed for ‘dangerous game’ hunting comments. Trollshavethebestcandy Poachers could be considered varmits and are.

However, some people might be offended by that term if they don’t know what it means. Sigma releases X3F Raw conversion plugin for Photoshop.

Trollshavethebestcandy I do think there needs to be more game oikon to get the populations up more but the issue is staffing the place and keeping the poachers out and that all costs lots of money. The former at least has a high probability of being a matter of survival, unless you think that the majority of abortions are done ‘for fun’ too. Auction off your organs and live it up for a year then off yourself so others may benefit from your existance even if not from your morality or ideology maybe your biology.


Heck, given the kind of ‘happy’ life shown in those “teenage pregnancy reality shows” abortion would have been the better option by a long shot for those girls and their family.

Full Line Catalog | Nikon Sport Optics

In fact, in Nikon’s latest camera and lens catalogue the company claims to be ‘at the heart of nature’ no pun intended – presumably and Nikon’s marketing materials for its cameras and lenses are typically packed with photographs of rare and endangered animals, and quotes from high-profile wildlife photographers who use Nikon gear.

Or the local economies that depend on it? Still shoots tight groups. Have ever been into a slaughter house and seen the terror in some of animals eyes. SLove Actually, I think it refers to the practice of coloring unexplored areas black in 19th century maps. Elsewhere, in Nikon’s current photo catalogue, a photograph of a pair of polar bears is captioned ‘Nature is full of moments of timeless beauty, to be captured before they are gone forever’.

NIKON MONARCH 7 3 X56 Nikon – Hunting accessories and spare parts Nikon

Simon Joinson was DPReview’s second general manager, during a time when the site underwent enormous changes, not least our relocation to the U. Not all good hunts end in an animal harvesting. Some instances not help likewhen a high official in Vietnam made a public statement that he used rhino horn to cure his cancerthe price went through the roof and a lot more rhinos died.


No one is going to say “I should buy their lenses because they used antiquated terms in their advertising”. It is brutal and a long painful death.

It’s all legal, after all. Hunters may take trophy but they hunt locally primarily for food to actually feed their hunring with.

Or should Nikon’s product lines be viewed separately, and only considered on their merits for their intended use? Perhaps the only good thing about this is that these morons are killing animals and not humans – as far as we know.

There is no harm in questioning the need for Nikon or anyone else, let’s not focus on just Nikon to create such things, especially if there is no apparent link to photography as is the case here. They are eager to dilute basic freedoms like speech while doing something that makes them feel warm inside.

Besides there are enough grognards catallg that question the use of smart phones as cameras already. Not sure how to choose a binocular?

The interesting bit is just how excited they get – orgasmic in fact, they rush over to the kill and marvel at just how magnificent the dead animal is. Order Status Chat Help