‘Kadam’ is Buddha’s teachings combined with the special instructions for putting them into practice given by the great Buddhist master, Atisha. ‘Lamrim’ is the. Part of a series of teachings based on the The Gradual Path to Enlightenment ( Lamrim) given at Dharma Friendship Foundation in Seattle. Kadam Lamrim Retreat. Aug 31 – Sep 7, Lamrim is a powerful series of practical meditations that lead us along the entire path to enlightenment.

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Meditation-based solutions to life’s problems

Look at it in terms of your own life and your own experience. I can see my pride is a problem and I can see it as a defilement. They are not something to be chaffed aside.

The method side starts out with the determination to be free from our difficulties. It came from the mind that existed before conception, the mind of the previous life.

Introduction to the lamrim teachings

Why were there no social institutions to show your compassion? They practice compassion in their way. Even without studying or listening to Dharma, some people often come to similar conclusions as those explained in Kadam Dharma lamrm through looking at newspapers or television and understanding the world situation.


If you participate in this series of teachings, please come every time. Even attempting to view everyone in the way you see your mother at her best, with an attitude of gratitude, appreciation, and unfettered love — opens up a new, loving pathway in the mind.

These are universal teachings. The mother then took charge, opening the envelopes and handing out a meagre amount of pocket money to each member of the family, keeping the rest for household necessities.

I discovered, a little late in life, that a relationship without the delusion of attachment is well lamri having.

Introduction to the lamrim teachings

I will be going through all the different points, and these include a lot of things that we may consider to be part of Tibetan or Indian culture, or things that our minds might feel quite resistant about. As kids, we used to give our mum the works — a lie-in, breakfast in bed, fresh flowers, home-made cards, gifts, and Sunday lsmrim out. You can feel his compassion for that person.

I am saying this because I kadqm thinking of one of my teachers. Whatever they taught me was perfect. His overall intention is, of course, to lead all beings to enlightenment. At that point he started eating again. The people who practice the religion might not be so pure.

Qualities of the teachings download. The Buddha left the palace, cut off his hair, and put on robes. Please Select a Location: New Bedford, MA map info meditationinmass. But I want to go through these points with the idea of giving you a Western approach to understanding them. They had already done that and you happened to come into the supermarket and get lamrmi.


Lamrim – Wikipedia

On the other hand, once you establish an institution, you become protective and you do everything in the name of your institution. Years later they met again and married. In Christianity, Jesus taught about turning the other cheek and forgiveness and patience.

The class will be on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7: They would say that the general Mahayana is very good, and it will lead you up to the 10th level of the bodhisattva path, but to become a fully enlightened buddha, you need lamrin enter the Vajrayana.

This is just the way their culture evolved. You can add your own personal memories to the list.