Jim Larranaga of George Mason University and Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl, who “You have to have balance in your offense and defense,” Larranaga said. “For example .. Ball reversal is another important action against a zone defense . Find Jim Larranaga: 3 Zone Offenses to Beat Any Zone Defense (DVD) by Jim Larranaga at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and . with Jim Larranaga, University of Miami Head Coach; AP National Coach of the Year; former George Mason University Head Coach; Final Four.

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Jim Larranaga: 3 Zone Offenses to Beat Any Zone Defense

I was also upset that he didnt cover zoe offensive options if the top men in the covered the wings. This video has 3 great zone offenses, which he explains on the board as well as on the court.

Other Products You Might Like. This is a mixed bag. Coach Larranaga’s ideas translate to women’s basketball and men’s basketball. He is a very simple man when it comes to explaining things and his videos exemplify that IMO, which makes him as good as he is. Thought this was a good one.

This DVD shows how to really get some good movement against a zone.


Order now and learn to take on zone offenses from one of the great teachers of the game. This power game offense utilizes two post players inside and allows them to carve out space, set screens and create good shots for themselves and the perimeter players.

This offense uses a 4-Out formation and larrwnaga passing, down screens, back screens and penetration to break down the zone and create open shots. Add to Wish List. A very good video.

I liked that he both showed the offenses on the white board and then on the court. This offense uses four players on the perimeter and one post to force the defense to move, communicate and change their match ups. Buy Now, Watch Now! This Coupon Expires at midnight on January 31, In this DVD, Larranaga combines all of these techniques into his three offenses.

The second offense is based on a lot of lobs, and again, on assumptions of what the defense will do.

In any zone offense, you must emphasize ball movement, man movement, screening, dribble penetration, and offensive rebounding. He just assumed the defensive forwards would cover them.

I probably will convert it to a continuity pattern to fit my needs, but will never use the more complex parts of the offense. The portion of the dvd was lacking in my opinion. He gives you a lot of options some good, some meaningless.

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I love his Slice and Dice Offense Having three zone offenses will allow you to install the best fit for your team based on your personnel and your team’s strengths. Click here to apply Coupon code!

Jim Larranaga: 3 Zone Offenses to Beat Any Zone Defense – Winning Hoops

See three zone offensive attacks you can use against the zone, zone, zone and zone Attack zone defenses based on your personnel and your team’s strengths Learn seven fundamentals you need to attack zone defenses.

He larranagga time at the blackboard showing each of his 3 sets, then shows it 5 on 5. He spent the majority of his time on the slice and dice.

Outside of that, I didn’t get much value from this. They are great offenses, and have helped our team out a great deal. Larranaga demonstrates each zone offense on a marker board as well as on the floor in a 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 setting. Was offenee review helpful? On the negative side – detest the instant video CP has now.