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Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered Stage Subwoofers like the JBL SRX Dual 18″ Subwoofer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free. further information on suspending speakers contact JBL and request Technical Trapezoidal enclosures (except SRX, SRX, SRX, SRX) for. The system features a JBL H UHF driver added to the incredible SRX two-way. The SRX in combination with the SRX sub-woofer is an.

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Guys I’m not a sound engineer, I do industrial chemistry on high speed coatings applied to aluminum. The SRX 12″ two-way stage monitor features watts jbk power capacity and 95dB sensitivity.

Are you running any sort of processor? All times are GMT Andy did you almost suggest a bridged amp! Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Yeah, one look at the cost of a recone or two and it makes the smaller amps look a whole lot better!

Join the HC Newsletter. The amplifier was putting out more watts the more you increased the signal.

JBL Professional SR-X Product Information

The SRX is the choice for large rooms, outdoor performance and high-level sound reinforcement or music playback. However, tis all started when I told him I had scored a mess of J’s 16 ohm and J or H 8 ohmand AB Systems mono-troamps to drive them, and was waiting to understand what I could do with those to make a blended tri-amplified system.


Originally posted by Audiopile What specifically are you unimpressed with? Ford Ford Audio Service http: Too many speakers say xyz watts, and, have a jvl xmax.

If only it was that easy The system does pound,but i just thought it would not run quite so hard to do so. 47119 think this is why JBL never stated anything beyond watts. Where, other that this website 47199 I find a forum to talk to sound engineers and the like from Harmon as he said.

The 1k’s and PowerLight’s are pretty tough to beat It would be good if you could tell us, what your complete previous setup was Peavey BW, ok, but what amps and what tops? Its 15″ two-way design produces extended low frequencies in mbl transportable enclosure. I use two ‘s and two ‘s.

A test around showed that you can get way over dB per SR Heres the weird thing,we were playing a person club,and had the sytem really shacking some pant legs,then i look over and i see the clip light on the big sub amp twinkling when the drummer hit the kick.

I don’t mind selling off all the LT;s and going to another type speaker setup, but was hoping that a pro could in 30 to 45 minutes aim me directly at what I needed so I did not waste a lot of 44719 spinning gears. The two smaller sub amps didnt have the light come on,but i only had the limiter engaged on the Hey Terry, How does the like the bridged 4 ibl load?


What would I 47199 to do to hit say 25 to 30 HZ Larry.

What is the best amp for JBL sr4719x?

Just try a different one. It also seems that you have to delay the woofer sopund by some small number of milliseconds jbll allow the bass a, mid and HF to hit you at the same time.

They will start to shake, rattle’n’hum some day if you don’t. What this tells me is that you need a couple more sub boxes rather than more power.

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Applications Front of house Full range instrument stage monitor Drum stage monitor. The rig was wired jbp one amp channel to each box 4 ohm load per amp ch It had to be about the least impressive combination I have ever used.

I guess im impressed,but i wanted the same result with no red lights. But I guess that the owner knows, that he can’t give the speaker that much power continously, but for peaks it is ok Previous 1 2 Next. So the dual cab 18s are both dead?