Jan Fennell, “The dog listener”, is an English dog trainer who applied the insights of Monty Roberts into horse behavior to the behavior of dogs. Her training. In The Dog Listener Jan Fennell shares her revolutionary insight into the canine world and its instinctive language that has enabled her to bring even the mo. Jan Fennell. likes . I heard a woman describe her dog as being ‘naughty and very ‘wilful’ and then heard her human.

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To lead do you have to dominate?

Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way | The Labrador Forum

I’ll try and find a link for you, edited to add, I believe that she promotes pack theory and dominance beliefs, but I haven’t read her book and might be wrong.

I have gone into overdrive! And if this means you are calm, consistent and clear and so on, with your dog, fab and it’s a good system unless tne starts getting distorted into daft rules. Very different approach with an older or unfamiliar dog. Your name or email address: It only takes a minute!

We guide them and hopefully do not allow them to push boundaries. Yee haa I am so happy and excited!!!!!!!!! Seems to be a kind and thoughtful approach based on observation of the dog’s behaviour so I wouldn’t think you’d run into any problems with harsh techniques. I think it is interesting. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I just read a lot! There are short films of her on youtube if you are interested in finding out more.

He is motivated by getting the good stuff in life – sea biscuits, cuddles, attention, play and so on – and avoiding the bad stuff which in his world is the absence of the good stuff.

Log in or Sign up. I’m not sure about everything in her book, but I really liked that one. As I understand it limited knowledge the handler takes away the stress and responsibility that comes with the dog being the pack leader, by making all of the decisions.


Jan Fennell – Wikipedia

I had a discussion with a potential Day Care provider today who trained with her Jan Fennell and would use that training just to maintain behaviour at dog day care. Ollie, the young lad, loves to play football with him, he is only 9 or 10 years old, Benson acts jwn like a puppy with them, when he sees them in the garden he can’t wait to play I don’t know, it seems he has an innate understanding of where he is in the pack so to speak?

Just an observers perspective our dog Benson, is a very young dog, now just turned 8 months. I am beside myself – that I might actually be involved in a movie quote!

Fennell does not believe in physically dominating or chastising the dog. Amichien Bonding essentially means the dog is consistently shown by the owner that the human half of the partnership is responsible for making decisions. I like to hear others’ responses as it is so helpful in defining what I like.

And bulk order sea biscuits. Jan Fennell”The dog listener”, is an English dog trainer who applied the insights of Monty Roberts into horse behavior to the behavior of dogs. Has anyone any comments odg The Dog Listener?

Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way I do remember one phrase from the Jan Fennel book that described the difference between leadership and dominance – it was something about “you need to act in such a way that, if a leadership election was called tomorrow, your dogs would vote for you to be the leader”. Perhaps dof label of leadership has led people to interpret it as dominance.

There has been some work on wild dog packs not wolves tbe feral dogs suggesting that the dogs that seem to be leading are the ones that are calm and confident and have worked their way there through a history dg building relationships with other dogs sorry, don’t have a reference off the top of my head but will look. Well, it seems that way to me, anyway. And Rachael’s timely and philosophical warning about ” questioning”. RosieJun 11, I control the good stuff mostly. However, I think there is also the idea that play is ONLY instigated by the handler; sitting on the sofa is ok, as long as you invite it and do not let the dog decide when it can kistener ignoring the dog when you return home; giving a dog a short time out when behaviour is not acceptable and repeating this in a calm controlled way until behaviour lsitener acceptable also seems to be a format.


It can then possibly trust its owner to take decisions and will become contented and relaxed. Oh dear – I am confused! Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way Oh!

Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way

Maybe this has already been discussed – sorry if it has. Mar 6, Messages: I want you all to live around the corner from me. Thoughts on “training” the Thr Fennell way I find the whole debate around “leadership” and dominance” fascinating.

Eog This Page Tweet. Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way I’m just guessing here but you might find that if the trainer has a particular theory that the training methods are based on then there might be a few more rules for the humans too.