James Branch Cabell was an American author of fantasy fiction and belles lettres . Cabell was well regarded by his contemporaries, including H. L. Mencken. Jurgen [James Branch Cabell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. James Branch Cabell’s career was short-lived – his works fit neatly within. James Branch Cabell’s Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice went before a court in and became a bestseller, but today Cabell has met the fate of.

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Oct 22, Miriam marked it as to-read. In the process, however, he becomes more ccabell and more symbolic — less grounded, and less solid.

Jurgen (The Biography of Manuel, #7) by James Branch Cabell

How can more people not give him a try? When critics suggested that the illustrations for The Soul of Melicent uurgen better than the writing, he compiled all their remarks to that effect, and printed them as an advert for the novel in his later books, with the helpfully informative warning added: With the support of writers like Mencken and Twain, Cabell became one of the most acclaimed young authors among the American intelligentsia of the first two decades of the 20 th century.

Heinlein consciously patterned his best-known novel, Stranger in a Strange Landafter Jurgenand Cabell’s influence is also evident in the titles and themes of at least two other novels by Heinlein: Behind the magical metaphors A fantasy classic from Maybe Cabell was never a Great Literary Giant in the first place, but only a writer of funny, clever, interesting and moving books. Jurgen is a mythical figure, an archetype of humanity, on a quest of self discovery disguised as a hunt for the eternal feminine principle, embodied succesively in a childhood sweetheart, Guinevere, The Lady in the Lake, Helen of Troy, a wood nymph, a seductive vampire and finally – his termagant of a consort: Along the way he meets dozens of historical and mythical creatures and people including Queen Guenevere, shown in the picturefirst introducing himself as a duke, then promoting himself to prince, king, emperor, pope, and eventually, for a moment, even God.


Again, kudos to Mr. Do you like beautiful prose?

James Branch Cabell (Author of Jurgen)

Did not age well. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: James Branch Cabell was a Virginian writer born in As a result, it was authors like Steinbeck and Hemingway who rose to prominence, with a very different approach to how best to depict the essence of life. And living seemed to Jurgen a wasteful and inequitable process.

Because of his level of notoriety in the twenties and thirties, copies of his books often appear in used bookstores–sometimes as volumes in more than one collection of his works.

Jurgen Tandem fantasy Author s: It is a humorous romp through a medieval cosmos, including a send-up of Arthurian legendand excursions to Heaven and Hell as in The Divine Comedy. As, it is suggested, they do in the real world. So you had best put on this shirt above your other clothing.

She was a high-spirited woman, jurgeb no especial gift for silence At the start of his Odyssey, Jurgen is a forty-something member of the middle class, who once considered himself a poet, and who still jurrgen use sophistic arguments to demonstrate that black is white in order to get out of sticky situations.

It is so fun, and so funny, and the themes and the beauty just put the final icing on it. Though Jurgen spends most of his time pursuing short-term goals and praising himself, at moments he is able to see through his own self-portrayal and recognise just how lost he his, just how dissatisfied, just how little he lives up to his own standards.


Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice; by James Branch Cabell

After reading Jurgen, such praise and consideration doesn’t seem far fetched, in fact I am baffled he is not more widely discussed in the context of fantasy literature.

And indeed, in addition to being an anti-Puritanical book, it is also an unashamedly male cabepl, written by a man about a man, for a predominately male audience.

On one level, Jurgen is perhaps the grandfather of all the rogues in Fantasy: Jamew deduce that your Empress must be in Heaven. At least Cabell acknowledges his limitations. View all 13 comments. When Jurgen meets him, he is trying to sort out an astronomical mangle that has the stars in the wrong places.

And I could not believe as my fellows believed, nor juryen I love them, nor could I detect anything in aught they said or did save their exceeding folly: Its quite lyrical and makes good use of repetition.

We are caught between admiration, pity, and a contempt not only for his actual misdeeds but more fundamentally for his colossal narcissism and single-minded egotism — the very traits that give him his enjoyable, perhaps even admirable, charisma and confidence.