Intralox Engineering Manual. Uploaded by andrew_ferrier Manual for design and selection of Intralox modular belt. Ideal for food grade type applications. Intralox. Modular Plastic Conveyor Belts. Belt Selection Guide. July . Design Engineers — Intralox has design the Intralox Engineering Manual. Conveyor Belting. Engineering Manual. WARRANTY. Intralox, Inc. warrants products of its own manufacture for a period of one year from date of shipment to the.

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The angled surfaces can be effective in removing gritty or abrasive material from the underside of the belt. Sizes Metric Sizes Round in. Email Intralox Company Video to a friend ; categories. Contact an Intralox representative for assistance with troughing configurations.

If the scraper is allowed to deflect: In order to ensure that the flights do not impact these limiters, the lateral movement of the belt should be sufficiently contained with 0. In JuneMr.

Never return on scooped or degree flights. Available with 90 degree Streamline flights and Scoop flights. Intralox President Edel Blanks on In most eengineering, the actual shape of catenary curve is not important, but the conveyor designer is interested in the excess belt stored in the returnway section.

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From untilhe served as a member of several regional and national Joint Industry and U. Although it is not necessary that sprockets have freedom to move laterally, a limited amount of movement is allowable. This dimension will vary with sprocket size and belt cover thickness.

Intralox President Edel Blanks on Accountability 0: Examples of this device include scrapers, rollers, and shoes; it differs from a belt snubber because it does not increase belt wrap or belt tension at the drive sprocket location. Shaft chamfers must be added for molded S and S sprockets to fit. Flights can be cut down to any height minimum of 0.

Center Drive Bidirectional fig. The clearance should be determined from thermal expansion calculations.

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Flights in Polyurethane are available in 0. Contact Intralox Technical Support Group for recommendations C -Conventional – 2 in intfalox mmmaximum – 6 in mm specific to your application. Roller Roller Flange Flange Width in.

Conveyors equipped with ARB technology have the unique ability to change the direction, alignment, location, and speed of an item independently, without using rails or complicated mechanical controls. Intralox Company Video 1: Gundlach entered enginneering U. Doing so, in any direction, will lead to belt damage, including premature failure of ThermoDrive belting.


Manul, minimum recommended roller diameters are achieved only by using Intralox designed rollers. When designing a scraper for a given conveyor, the design of the scraper must be of sufficient stiffness to minimize deflection away from the belt to 0.


To be effective, scrapers must contact the surface of the belt, so place the scraper up against the belt to where it is just touching the surface, but not pinching the belt. Engjneering available in 0.

The Intralox Engineering Program calculates the temperature factor automatically, based on the operating temperature of the application. Multi-Conveyor is your top of the line, complete conveyor manufacturer.

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Contact Technical Support for specific application recommendations. We manufacture all types of conveyor systems to fit a wide variety of bulk material needs. Many items in factory stock available for quick shipment. This dimension will fig.