Command. Shortcut. Open Solution or Project. ⌘+⇧+O. Show Action List. ⌥+ Enter. Search Everywhere. Double-⇧. Navigate To ^+⇧+G. Find Usages. ⌥+F7. After using Eclipse for many years I recently worked with IntelliJ IDEA. These are the IDEA equivalents for my most-used Eclipse shortcuts. Here are the Intellij IDEA keyboard shortcuts I find most useful (listed in roughly The shortcut I use the most is Ctrl + B (Go to declaration), to see what a method.

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Repeatedly pressing it selects more and more of the code.

Brett Hannah 2, 4 26 The Key Promoter and Shortcut keys list plugins are really helpful for constantly learning new IntelliJ keyboard shortcuts. To find an action by name, type the name in the search field.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Mac OS X 10.5+ (IntelliJ IDEA) Keymap

It will guide you to the unknown features. Use advanced features You can further improve your productivity with the following useful features: Thanks a lot, very useful post especially for me who has to work on Intellij after working on eclipse for few years.

Can look in comments, text files and across different languages too: Step over F8 F8 Debugging: Smart Type Completion to complete an expression with a method call or variable with a type suitable in the current Context: Leave to preserve all bindings including the new one. Remove to remove all other bindings and preserve the new one. This is equivalent to selecting the Debug menu item from the Build menu. Enter Mouse Shortcut dialog box opens.


Keyboard Shortcuts: Mac OS X + (IntelliJ IDEA) Keymap – Help | JetBrains Rider

Location of kntellij keymaps All user-defined keymaps are stored in separate configuration files under the keymaps subdirectory in the IntelliJ IDEA profile directory: Select in Popup to quickly select the currently edited element class, file, method or field in any view Project View, Structure View or other: By continuing to use this website, you accept our terms and privacy policy.

Kind of obvious but a real time saver!

How to inspect an expressions’s type How to compile only modified files How to Run your Scala application How to Debug your Scala application How to step through your Scala application in debugging mode. To do that, follow these steps:.

IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse Shortcuts

Bogdan 1 1 Import custom keymap If you have a customized keymap that you are used to, inrellij can transfer it to your installation. As a result, intellkj keyboard shortcut is perhaps the one which you will find most useful when writing your Scala code!


Very useful when coding something, browsing other classes for a while and then wanting to go back where we left our code. Karl 2, 1 15 Since version 8, IDEA intelligently selects a likely expression when no text is selected: This link has everything you need.

IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse Shortcuts | Catalysts

You can choose one of the following options: March 16, at By Nadim Bahadoor Last updated: Kedar Mhaswade 3, 2 20 Useful when searching, indenting, commenting out code etc. The “N” shortcuts would be mostly “Navigate to” actions: EntwicklungsumgebungSoftwareentwicklungWissensspritze. One of my real favorites may not count as a keyboard shortcut exactly. Henrik Warne 1, 1 21 Where can Hotmeys get one infellij these shirts?!? Optionally, select the checkbox next to Second Stroke and press keys to be used as alternative keyboard shortcuts.

That will help in learning the shortcuts. Or redefine your Ubuntu key mappings to allow IntelliJ to stay unchanged.

If a conflict is reported, a warning message appears. Resize tool windows You can adjust the size of tool windows without a mouse: