By Joseph J. Collins ( Institute for National Strategic Studies) Reviewed by Amb. (ret.) Michael Cotter ( Vice. (This is a National Defense University study paper on the Iraq war. It opens “Measured in. NDU Press of INSS publishes books, monographs, reports, and occasional papers on national and international security affairs, defense policy, and military .

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One hopes that, for all of.

Strategic miscommunication

I n a third-party counterinsurgency campaign pitting a strong, industrial democracy against a poorly-armed guerrilla group, the weak underbelly of the democracy carrying out the campaign is the popular support it must have to continue its war occawional_papers. As such, maintaining the enthusiasm of the populace for the war effort is both desired and necessary in a counterinsurgency campaign.

Wilson had a pretty effective propaganda organ too, in the delightfully-named Committee for Public Information. If you just glanced at the front page of Sunday’s New York Times, you could be forgiven for thinking reporter David Barstow and his editors had uncovered a real scandal at the Pentagon: If you don’t vote and disagree with the war you are ALSO to blame, for being silent!

This is why countries like Canada France and Germany refused to participate.

In every case, assumptions are. Remember the banner on the aircraft carrier in the back of Bush’s speech, it inas “Mission Accomplished”. Recently, some have suggested the cold war-vintage Smith-Mundt Act is ill-suited to the realities of the modern media environment. Add us unss Google Plus. Neither of these things gets much mention in US history textbooks.


That said I would also challenge the idea that people believed he had stockpiles of WMD. Only took them 5 years to get onboard.

The report said that the United States has suffered serious political costs, with its standing in the world seriously diminished. I didn’t vote for Bush either, but chances are if you vote, you voted for people that were for this crap.

To me it just seems to strengthen the argument that the Iraq was was a product of incompetency. According to the U.

greta’s gouge: NDU report on Iraq

Very interesting read though. As for the National Defense University, I jnss we should just hang it up and pull out now that they have finally chimed in.

But it should also be said this has not been a war in which America has been well-served by her generalseither active or retired. Al Quada was not in Iraq, and we were greeted as liberators? These are sad days for the US that we could be so easily mislead occsaional_papers corrupt and weak leaders. These initial assumptions were a thread that ran through many missteps, and thus it is important to ask where assumptions come from.

An authoritarian government can start and stop wars when it decides – democracies ostensibly require the will of the people to initiate and then carry out any type of sustained military action. For him, there were real dividends to be gained by letting his enemies believe he possessed WMD, whether it was true or not.

Remember when Saddam was toppled?

I occasiojal_papers think Bush processed what he was fed appropriately. In the end, though, all the 8,word article revealed was that the department of defence had very cleverly manipulated popular opinion by targeting opinion makers – in this case, the retired generals who often turn up on television news as “military experts” – with the same kind of positive “spin” everyday Americans are subjected to every waking hour during a presidential campaign.


I dont believe its agenda driven, such as the headlines in the newspapers and tv.

Pentagon institute call Iraq war “a major debacle” — Forums

People around the world were open to the idea that he may, but asked form proof. Click Here to comment on this article. I am shocked that they even noticed that occasional_pa;ers Cold War is over yet.

That was before Wolkawicz and his Alice in Wonderland crew took over. Our National Security Council staff, Cabinet departments, and especially our Congress have not yet occaisonal_papers to the demanding requirements of 21 st -century complex contingencies. April in Off-Topic Discussion. What disgusted me, by contrast, was that while this well-oiled effort was underway in America, our strategic communications efforts in Iraq and the greater Middle East remained bumbling and inept.

In conclusion, the war in Iraq and its aftermath have exposed a flawed decisionmaking process and weak decision execution mechanisms. Trump Blames Democrats for Deaths at Border.

Bush cooked it up and pretty much all of Congress signed off on it. Just like ocxasional_papers Vietnam, our military won the war, what we lost was the peace.