Inspiration and Incarnation has ratings and 96 reviews. Adam said: To my great surprise, I found myself liking this book very much. Peter Enns was th. John Frame has just posted on his web page a word review of Peter Enns’s Inspiration and Incarnation. I always enjoy reading Frame’s. This study from Peter Enns is an important reconsideration of evangelical perspectives on scriptural authority, particularly in light of recent Old Testament.

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Non-historical tradition is part of the New Testament interpretation of the Ole Testament It’s a frustrating book because of the positions that he takes and doesn’t take.

He affirms that inerrancy or infallible can never be fully understood This is manifested in several things he said. This tenth anniversary edition includes a substantive postscript that reflects on the reception of the first edition. He never explicitly got to the point of saying there were contradictions, but he got as close as he possibly could without doing so. If you’re an evangelical who is fully committed to the idea of inspiration, but struggle with how to reconcile your faith with the obvious difficulties found in Scripture, this book may very well be helpful to you.

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Review: Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns | Koowon Kim –

Indeed, both are called perfect flawless in the Bible. That does not mean, however, that we can do the same thing that the NT authors did. He argues throughout this book that the incarnation of Christ helps us understand the full humanity of the Incatnation, and that the humanity of the Bible pushes us to ponder the true meaning incatnation the inspiration of the Bible.

Samuel and Kings were not written until the 4th or 5th cent. Everyone who loves the Bible ought to read this important book.

Enns believes that though there is a unity to Scripture, it is not a superficial unity; moreover, we are being too defensive when we try to harmonize the text, causing us to lose sight of its intentional diversity.

We need to deal with these issues and Enns is to be commended for dealing with it in a pastorally sensitive and academically sterilized environment, his colleagues’ hysterical reaction to it notwithstanding. Insplration proceeds with pastoral care for the students ennx likely envisions reading his words, and in so doing, he delivers a much-needed case for a much-needed change.

Key among these is the dishonest practice of defending evangelical positions for their own sake which increasingly requires ignoring a considerable amount of evidence. I love the peted analogy that Enns uses throughout the text — that the Bible is a work of the human and the divine working in tandem, just as Christ was both of God and of man.


Mar 31, Bob rated it really liked it Shelves: The philosophical ideas in Ecclesiastes versus other teachings in the Torah about God and life. Christ’s Incarnation is analogous to Scripture’s ‘incarnation’ ”. Isaiah taps into the broader theme of Christ’s victory over death, and for the rest that Christians hope to receive upon the final judgment. The author proposes to attack what he calls “scriptural docetism”, which fails to properly recognize the human side of Scripture in light of recent external evidence.

Review: Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns – Rowland S Ward

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Enns’ last chapter will also cause some problems with conservative readers. I found this last most helpful and his proposal that the apostles used a christotelic hermeneutic, one that sees Christ as the end or fulfillment of the Old Testament and reads the Old Testament through the work of Christ. Enns is a frequent contributor to journals and encyclopedias and is the author of several books, including Inspiration and IncarnationThe Evolution of Adamand The Bible Tells Me So.

One example of this being his treatment of the mythic nature of Genesis: If you fall into the third category, you may hate this book and may even question the author’s salvation. Indeed, at time Enns seems to admit that there are these kinds of errors in the Bible. This is what it means for God to speak at a certain time and place–he enters their world.

The “incarnational analogy” perspective would provide a way of understanding these notions that is both faithful to Scripture and scholarship.

Lists with This Book.

Review: Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns

Preview — Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns. But by his appeal to the insoiration presence of axe-grinding bias Enns has painted himself into a corner, as we shall now see. Enns also points out that there are similar truths in other religions known from General Revelation We do not honor the Lord nor do we uphold the gospel by playing make-believe Christians are bound to incarnatioon the Bible as God’s Word written on the authority of Christ, not because they can prove it such by independent enquiry, but because as disciples they trust their divine Teacher.

It cannot be used as an excuse to ignore what can rightly be called evidence. And if among the biases of Scripture is the teaching that God is unwaveringly truthful, and if we accept that bias, then we are led to reject the following woeful argument. Randall Stroope’s arrangement of “Dona Nobis Pacem” here is a recording on Youtubein which this Spirit of Isaiah 11 comes powerfully through. Drawing on Old Testament texts as well as New ane commendable since it is not his area of expertise and describing important ANE parallels, he brings his argument from the abstract to meet the concrete world of the text.


Enns does a very good job of addressing the “human side” of Scripture: I appreciated this book, its tone and approach. The conclusion to which one is driven is that Enns’s Christian ‘intuitions’ are only possible by willing them to be true, not only without any evidence to support them but in the face of what Enns takes to be the evidence against them.

He again appeals to an incarnational model, a way of seeing inspiration as in some ways similar to the accommodation of God in the Incarnation event—though God is fully present, Christ and likewise the Bible is fully human.

From this he concludes that God “is perfectly willing ens have his law to be adjusted over time. He rightly acknowledges that conflicting passages are sometimes not addressing the same situation Even if Isaiah didn’t have Christ in view when he wrote what is now Isaiah 11, we can accept that Christ is what God was pointing to when he spoke through Isaiah.

And what we find is that some passages we consider inspired may draw upon ancient near east traditions, passages in different books reflect diverse perspectives, sometimes upon the same matters, and the New Testament incrnation often interpret the Old Testament in ways that look suspiciously like eisegesis incarnagion into the text rather than sound exegesis reading out of the text.

Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament

Based on his reflections on these contemporary issues, Enns proposes an incarnational model of biblical authority that takes seriously both the divine and human aspects of Scripture. Although I was more critical of certain chapters chapters 2,3I did find the book overall to be helpful.

Tagged book reviewinspiration and incarnationpeter enns. I didn’t really incarntion a problem with the book, though. Non-historical tradition is part of New Testament interpretation of the Old Testament This comes across as a dramatic difficulty until an intrigued reader simply turns to the passage in question in their NIV Bible and finds there is no such contradiction.