I’ve got notes from class that I want to add to iBooks. I have iFile, but I can’t find the right folder to put the files in. Does anyone know. I dont know where to send it in order for iBooks to find it and display it! When opening iBooks, it doesn’t seem to find it. . ibooks ifile directory. I’ve downloaded a PDF to my iPad via torrent. I can locate this using ifile but I want to view it in iBooks or the kindle app. If I click open with one.

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If I click open with one of those apps it takes ages and then doesn’t load. Furthermore, Winnie the Pooh is nowhere to be found in the file system! May 26, 2: Not tried it with iBooks. You just have to make sure the app is installed on your devices before you select the Open In tab or the Share option.

It lies with the torrent ifule. I’m sure you’ll get some feedback from members – or our own resident jail breaking guru Leigh fy soon.

Whether you use iCloud Drive to make your books available across all devices versus using iTunes to sync is totally up to you. I don’t want to save my whole disk!!! I’ve downloaded the app, and made sure the iFile settings were able to see external apps. Laugh Of The Day scifan57Mar 3, No pirated tweaks, apps, etc. Dec 31, iboosk Not sure what you’re talking about. You’d see them listed with the little cloud logo on them within your library, available for download.


Kenworth Dec 31, at 9: Moreover, If I check how iffile memory I have on my iCloud, there’s plenty. Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: I was wanting to download ibookw PDF using torrent on the iPad then be able to open it.

[Question] PDF in iFile to iBooks? : jailbreak

Apr 28, 3: Apr 2, 6: Therefore, going back to Calibre or ifle utility using the same epub files, will not be possible — it’s a one-way process. Submit a new link. Jan 3, Messages: I don’t get what you’re saying about reformatting but I don’t have a folder of iBooks on iCloud Drive so I still don’t know how to reach my books.

Just do a file name search in that folder using “. You must log in or sign up to post here. Happy New Year J. You can take a look at our Github for some projects we’ve open sourced. When you tap the icon, a list of options will appear. Have a great day Tim. Can it be done?

Posted on Nov 11, Reply Helpful Thread reply – more ibloks Link to this Post. I have the same question and it has not been answered yet. Can’t find it, all search results come up empty.

The thing is, ever since I swopped my MacBook for an iPad I’ve expected it to behave like a computer. Apr 29, 3: When the file is open, tap on the screen to call up the Open in iBooks tab ibooks Safari, the tab will show up right after the download is complete, but will disappear after about a second.

I’ve downloaded a PDF to my iPad via torrent. So briefly tap once on the screen to make it appear again. Your user name or email address: You can see its contents in terminal:. In the end I just I ended iile turning off iCloud Drive for iBooks lbooks restoring from a backup as outlined here:. Additionally, do not be rude or unhelpful when responding to posts tagged [Question].


How to Export iBooks Files from iPhone/iPad to Computer without iTunes

I know how to do it via iTunes. Now, I’m not sure why some are not deleted and stay local.

Plus, I’d rather be able to open the kindle or iBook iboois and just have it there. Maybe I should open a new thread for the torrent issue Will keep updating, but would also appreciate any help sent this way!

Not sure how exactly you’re trying to work with the iBooks files, you don’t try to access your raw MP3 files outside of Music on your iPad, do you? Curious about learning how to develop tweaks?

I don’t believe it automatically deletes anything to free up space, I was speculating but I ibpoks pretty sure you have to manually delete books from your device. At that time, you can select Open in iBookswhich will open up iBooks and save the file there.

In the end I just I ended up turning off iCloud Drive for iBooks and restoring from a backup as outlined here: Posts must be directly related to jailbreaking with some exceptions.