IBM X3850 M3 PDF

The IBM® System x M3 provides outstanding performance for your mission- critical applications. Its energy-efficient design supports more cores, memory. Two x X5 servers can be connected together to form a single-system image with up IBM Systems Director is included for proactive systems management. System x is a line of x86 servers produced by IBM, and later Lenovo. They were a sub-brand of . IBM System x, x, x M3, x M4, x M5; IBM System x, x M5; Lenovo System x M4, x M5; Lenovo System x X6; Lenovo System x X6; Lenovo NextScale; Lenovo FlexSystem.

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Updated the tables in the Internal drive options section. Our Premier Client services provide large accounts with special handling services to ensure these complex transactions are serviced properly. Processor quantity and model, core speed, number of cores, L3 cache, memory speed. Two x X5 servers connected together to form a single-image eight-socket server with two MAX5 memory expansion units attached.

Maximum memory speed is limited by memory speed supported by the specific processor and by the number and type of DIMMs installed whichever has a lower memory x3805 ratingas follows: The MAX5 V2 has two power supplies installed.

Rack options The server supports the rack console switches and monitor kits listed in the following table. Warranty options The system s3850 a three-year warranty with 24×7 standard call center support and 9×5 Next Business Day onsite coverage. To complete this mesh, the QPI wrap card is used. QPI wrap card In the x X5, QPI links are used for interprocessor communication both in a single-node system and in a two-node system.


Manageability and security Powerful systems management features simplify local and remote management of the x M3: If used, the maximum number of HDD bays is limited to 8.

Our systems, processes and flexible policies support our goal of providing customers with a positive experience. This item is in used but go The challenge of a high-performance business is to do more with less—serve more Web pages, handle more secure connections, support more email users. C3850 vary by country and can be bundled with other warranty upgrades and extensions.

Optical drives The server supports the optical drive options listed in the following table. The following table lists the virtualization options.

Lenovo System x

The x M3 supports the processor options listed in the following table. Supported operating systems The server supports the following operating systems: ,3 Related Browse Related.

Four scalability portsone Ethernet for systems management, one serial port, four USB 2.

The MAX5 V2 adds an additional four memory controllers for a total of eight memory controllers to maximize memory parallelism and performance. Remote management The server contains Integrated Management Module IMMwhich provides advanced service-processor control, monitoring, and an alerting function.

Locations of key components and connectors Figure 2 shows the front of the server. Internal drive options The following table lists hard drive options for internal disk storage of x M3 server.

The slot form factors are as follows:. Figure 5 shows the MAX5 optional memory expansion unit. A ibmm of 4-core or 6-core processors with clock rates from 1. Disk drive options for internal disk storage Part number Feature code Description Maximum supported 2. This can help reduce downtime caused by memory errors. The IMM also provides a virtual presence capability for remote server management capabilities.


Turbo Boost Technology dynamically turns off unused processor cores and increases the clock speed of the cores in use.

Model D3x includes two SSD host bus adapters. Hexagonal holes can be grouped more densely than round holes, providing more efficient airflow through the system.

System x rack servers

At the end of the lease, take advantage of our flexible end-of-lease options to fit your changing business needs. It can improve service with reduced operational complexity and increased management functionality. Manageability and security Powerful systems management features simplify local and remote management of the x X5: The blue-screen capture feature captures the video display contents before the IMM restarts the server when the J3 detects an operating-system hang condition.

Maximum resolution is x at 75 Hz with 16M colors.

See the MAX5 section for details. IBM Global Financing operates in more than 50 countries. Most standard models come with two power supplies Table 2. The x X5 supports up to four high-performance Intel Xeon E7 family allowing you to upgrade as business needs require.

System x X5 () Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

The number of drives that can be inserted depends on the backplanes that are installed. You can replace each standard riser with one of the following risers or configure one of these riser cards instead of the standard 2 x8 riser using special bid or CTO: Processor options The x X5 supports the processor options listed in the following table.

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