The Theology of Arithmetic. On the Mystical, Mathematical and Cosmological Symbolism of the First Ten Numbers. Attributed to Iamblichus. The Theology of Arithmetic: On the Mystical, Mathematical and Cosmological Symbolism of the First Ten Numbers. Front Cover. Iamblichus. Phanes Press, Jan 1. The theology of arithmetic: on the mystical, mathematical and cosmological symbolism of the first ten numbers. Front Cover. Iamblichus. Phanes Press, .

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Each of the basic ‘geometricals’ can be generated out of a series of morphic points as three-dimensional reflections of the first monad or the ‘original’ singular tjeology body — the sphere being the most perfect and most simple three-dimensional form, simul- taneously representing the unique, unity and the unified.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Those not interested in the mystical interpretation of numbers in ancient Greek arithmetid, probably won’t be interested in this work and should just stick to Euclid. It is called ‘monad’ because of its stability, 1 since it preserves the specific fheology of any number with which it is conjoined. Because it is made up of the first male and first female numbers, 3 and 2.

It is not too misleading a generalization to say that the Greek philosophers were impressed by the apparent orderliness of the universe and that this was for them the chief argument for some Intelligence being behind the universe.

The most valuable thf I ever found on Pythagorean number philosophy, highly recommended, good luck at ever finding it in print!!!! The facts of the heavenly iamblicuus provide important proof of this thesis, in that the sphere of the moon, which is the eighth from the top and the third from the bottom, carries the influence and power of the influences which revolve around the Earth, since it is considered to be the mediator between those above and those below.

And there are five genera of creatures — those that live in fire, those that live in the air, those that live on earth, those that live in water and amphibious creatures.

Greek mathemati- cians distinguished ten forms of inequality.

These qualities are primarily mathe- matical, and then by extension allegorical. Therefore the product of its multiplication iamblichux be equal to the sum of its addition: And corresponding to the position of these, there are thought to be five zones on Earth too: In this case, number patterns were their common experience of arithmetic.

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That is, 25 is circular, is spherical. ON THE HEXAD 83 starts with the hexad and proceeds by doubles and triples; and the harmonious adaptation which it crucial for all things, and pertains to the viability of seven-month and especially nine-month chil- dren, starts with these musical sequences.

Iamblichus – The theology of arithmetic

The letter 0 theta was the symbol for 9, e epsilon for 5. One of three Fates: For all those which are bom complete and not dead come out of the womb breathing, [65] but as regards the acceptance of the air which is being breathed and by which soul in general acquires tension, they are confirmed at the critical seventh hour iamblichuus way or the other — either towards life or towards death.

The ennead and the monad are at the furthest distance, For these and other terms, see the Glossary. Return to Book Page. Progression from the monad to the pentad is straightforward, but from the hexad the progression finds another starting-point and is 1 7. Mathematics is the most abstract language known to mankind ; 1 to base a theology upon it is to attempt to describe the abstract laws, as distinct from their appli- cations, which govern God’s universe.

The familiarity of the reference makes it seem as though it is again to Nicomachus’ Introduction see p. The treatise is, in fact, a compilation and reads like a student’s written-up notes. Euripides, fragment Nauck 1. A ‘disjunct’ proportion has four terms two meansnot three terms one mean. Hence, since form is capable of conceiving iamblicyus and eternal existence, oc matter is capable of conceiving the opposites to these, 2 the monad is the cause of things which are altogether 1.


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However, here we have the word used to refer specially to symbolic narratives and their hidden meanings. After Aristotle, the accepted analysis of the virtues see also pp. If the universe is composed out of soul and body in the aithmetic 4, then it is also true that all concords are perfected by it.

Erato is one of the Muses; her name is cognate with the Greek for ‘love. The hebdomad is critical in illnesses.


That is, 36 is circular, is spherical. The explication of the Neopythagorean idea of the relationship between the tetrad and the decad has much to tell students of the Qabalah about the true origins of the Tree of Life.

Moreover, the mentioned elementary sources of harmony — the sesquialter and the sesquitertian — need a half for the sesquial- ter cannot exist without this, nor indeed can the musical fifth, which the sesquialter forms and a third for the sesquitertian is altogether bound up with this, and the musical fourth is naturally bound up with the sesquitertian ; and 6 is the first number to subsume both a half and a third at once, since it is made up of different and contrary factors — the root of things which are divis- 6.

Aiolus means ‘the shifter. In this way we can see a progression that embraces Plato’s doctrine that ‘images’ in the human mind reflect the universal source in the mind of the Divine Artificer. Four is the first number which contains the sesquitertian ratio, which belongs to the primary concord, the fourth.

The Theology of Arithmetic : Iamblichus :

Because arihhmetic levels out inequality, they call it ‘Providence’ and ‘justice’ division, as it were23 and ‘Bubastian’ because of being honored at Bubastos in Egypt, 24 and ‘Aphrodite’ because it binds to allegorical interpretation.

These two sources, which occupy the majority of our treatise, are linked by text whose origin is at best conjectural, but some of which could very well be lecture notes — perhaps even from lectures delivered by Iamblichus. Diodes says that when 35 is multiplied by 6, the resulting is a solid number, because is the number of days in seven months of thirty days.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. When the Divine Craftsman “made of them one out of three, straightaway He began to distribute this whole into so many portions Taking into account the importance of numbers in Iamblicyus philosophy, and the importance of the Tetraktys specifically, this is definitely an essential read xrithmetic those interested in that tradition; but it also serves as a great example of Neo-Platonism as well.