This study was carried out to measure the optimum growth of Heterobranchus bidorsalis and the best time to crop under maximum utilization of. Biology. Hardly anything is known about the biology of this species (Ref. ). Maximum reported size for West Africa: mm TL (Ref. ). Trusted. Information about the classification of Heterobranchus bidorsalis. Includes facts, pictures and articles.

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Heterobranchus bidorsalis, African catfish : fisheries

The coefficient of determination r 2 for length-weight relationships was strong 0. Seasonal changes in sexual maturity and fecundity and HCG-induced breeding of the catfish, Heterobranchus longifilis Val.

Bore-hole water with an alkalinity of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Three pysico-chemical parameters dissolved oxygen, temperature and pH were measured in this study.

Studies on growth performance and feed utilization of two Clariid bieorsalis and their hybrid reared under different culture systems. It also has high feed efficiency and utilization Adebayo and Olanrewaju, Induced hetegobranchus of the striped murrel Channa striatus using pituitary extracts, human chorionic gonadotropin, luteinizing hormone releasing hormone analogue and ovaprim r.

ADW: Heterobranchus bidorsalis: CLASSIFICATION

The reason for this high FCR is not known. Additional Information Encyclopedia of Life.

A geometric growth curve was observed when the relationships between the two variables were plotted against each other. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire Similar Articles in this Journal. Beyond this time there was decreased efficiency of feed utilization and a decline in growth rate set in Fig.


The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students. Economics of Periphyton-based aquaculture production in Bangladesh. Reproductive performance of african clariid catfish Clarias gariepinus broodstocks on varying maternal stress.

The computation of the data provides the following:. The snout is round and the eyes are lateral. Milts from male H. Sounds Ciguatera Speed Swim.

Induced breeding and early growth of progeny from crosses between two African clariid fishes, Clarias gariepinus Burchell and Heterobranchus longifilis under hatchery conditions.

Spatial and temporal variations of some heavy metals in water, sediment and Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus Lacepede, from ologe lagoon, lagos, Nigeria. March 15, ; Bidorsxlis Van Der Hurk, The amount of food dispensed kg to the fish stocked in the three experimental ponds were adjusted bi-weekly by sub-sampling the population of the fish species in order to reflect the fortnightly increase in biomass using the following Stickney, Bidrsalis, it was low 0.

Also, Ojutiku reported that hybrid in most cases were superior to the parental strains in growth, food conversion and resistance to disease. However, the results of this studies is not in agreement with the studies by Ndome et al.

Human uses

The pure breeds and hybrids used in this study had condition factors K greater than 1, except pure breed H. Dead eggs and net were siphoned after hatching to prevent fouling of the water. Three hormones were used in this study; one synthetic and two natural hormones. Maximum reported size for West Africa: Specific growth rate SGR and condition factor K: The study shows that H.


Articles with ‘species’ microformats. After all measurements, the fish were revived in fresh water and then returned to the ponds.

The eggs heterobranvhus each female H. Textbook of Fish Culture: The b-value varied between 0. Different fish species have been induced to spawn with different hormonal materials. Heterobranchus bidorsalis and their hybrids. Several investigators have recently demonstrated that Heterobranchus bidorsalis can be grown to commercial size in various types of culture systems Madu et al.

There was positive correlation 0.

Heferobranchus study on physico-chemistry and comparative morphometric characterisation of Cynothrissa mento Regan, from Ologe, Badagry and Epe Lagoons, Lagos, Nigeria. Short description Morphology Morphometrics Dorsal spines total: The frontal fontanelle is long and narrow while the occipital fontanelle is relatively long and is shaped like an oval. This can be achieved by artificial propagation by induced breeding Richter and Van Der Hurk, ; Naeem et al.

Sublethal effects of cadmium on some selected haematological parameters of heteroclarias A Hybrid of Heterobranchus bidorsalis and Clarias gariepinus. After a month, heterobganchus 4-weeks old fry from each genetic cross were stocked in 3 replicates in the tanks.