I’d been looking for a nice generic RPG world map for a while. As I leafed through my GenCon coupon book, I ran across a voucher from. A little background on my search for Harn (optional). I’ve run all kinds of games over the years with varying levels of enjoyment on my part as the DM. My group. Index background Search: Harn ( results) The Fragment: A Harn Novel Argon Publishing: . Free RPG Day , Various Publishers, Various Systems.

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City of Cherafir PDF. Attributes are tested directly by multiplying the attribute by a number between 1 and 5 depending on the difficulty of the taskand rolling a 1d In addition to the common qualities of Strength, Stamina, rgp Intelligence, etc. Interior plans of the temple, and extensive maps of the caverns beneath Araka-Kalai are also included. While other worlds are always interesting, I’m uarn I started my own world setting as a kid and stuck with it up until this day.

The wild hillmen of Himod, a region on the western fringes of Orbaal. The royal castle and major settlement of the Kingdom of Orbaal, a hybrid community of Ivinian masters and Jarin peasantry.



Includes a colour map and interior plans. Active forum topics Anything Else For ?

Numerous legends speak of the enigmatic structures at Anisha and their purported secrets. Details on the enchanted Shava Forest and the “lost city” of Alarienel.

Northern and Eastern Harn have realtively isolated kingdom that can be easily played around with. It was one of a number of games cancelled by Electronic Arts at the time due to budget cutbacks. Create new account Rg new password.

HârnMaster – Wikipedia

It is now the seat of the Earl of Ithiko, but the influence of the Morgathian church remains strong. All of the population, economic, and other data on each settlement underlay the UPPs. For the art museum, see Samuel P. Geda is a thriving small town on the Genin Trail. This article deals with the organization of the Guild, with information on entrance and hagn.

An Introduction to Hârn

The orcs of Korego have a long history of conflict with both the local human tribesmen and merchant caravans. City of Aleath PDF. This article includes two colour maps, one of the pit itself and the other of a nearby Ilviran temple complex.

Steve March 24, at Atlas Harnica Map J2. Harn can fit any gaming style. Views Read Edit View history. HarnMaster Third Edition Light.


The ‘Lodge of a Thousand Souls,’ a traditional Jarin burial site and the main base of the Jarin resistance to Ivinian rule. The Core Rules were well-suited for a gamist style of play, but many players hagn it suffered from some complexities that interfered with play.

I’m just trying to figure out what the best starting point is if I don’t want to delve into all the detail. Are there any other comparable generic worlds you might recommend?

An Introduction to Hârn |

The brainchild of N. The only walled town in Menglana is a major trading center and a power base of warring royal factions. It is based roughly on medieval Europe, with seven countries: The primitive Jarin tribesmen of Orbaal, inhabiting the forests of the Anoth valley and delta.

The index also contains numerous illustrations all compiled into one alphabetical reference, making information access quick and easy. Each version has different strengths:. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Frank March 24, at 1: