Arbeitsschutz Einheitliche Ansprechpartner Getränkeschankanlagen PDF 1 MB Hamburgisches Wegegesetz Jugendschutzgesetz Zeitweise Wasserverteilung. Welcome to the Service section! The Service section provides extensive information on approval processes, security, sustainability, transport and advertising. Straßen und Wege () · 89 Wegegesetz und Verordnung über die Aufbringung von Straßenbaukosten () · Wasserläufe ().

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Various information Planning an event is complex and involves lots of different areas which vary depending on event type.

Contact for inspection of files You can arrange an appointment to view the building permit files here Phone: Advertising Given the large number of daily events, your event will need special advertising in order to stand out.

Route approval is required for all supply and disposal pipes, which are newly installed in the roads or which will significantly alter existing routes. Hafen und Tideelbe – Tideelbe Natur- und Wirtschaftsraum. The Hamburg Port Authority administers exceptions to the ordinance on warfare agents. Special use Any use of public land that extends beyond public use requires approval. The dedicated port area is already claimed for port activities.

Information Do you want to erect a building or change a building’s use within the dedicated port area? The Hamburg Marketing GmbH media server also provides materials for flyers and posters.

The Port of Hamburg is constantly developing and changing. Finanzen – Maritime Commercial Management. Jahresbericht Tonne E3. Here activities arising from port traffic, trade associated with the port and port industry are permitted.

Funding program for private flood defence. Analyse der Sedimente Sandauhafen Juni The Service section provides extensive information on approval processes, security, sustainability, transport and advertising, which may be of use while planning a public event in Hamburg.


In order to facilitate approval-application measures, it is wegegessetz to investigate necessary authorisations early on. Planning through the use of development plans according to the Town and Country Planning Code does not occur in the port of Hamburg. It is responsible for control and monitoring tasks that arise from the implementation of national and international legal regulations.

Removal of illegally parked, unregistered vehicles Unregistered vehicles hamburgwr not park on public roads. The Port Development Plan to A wide range of tasks is bundled in the construction supervision and environment unit.

Approval processes

This is undertaken almost exclusively by the pipeline company. We are the Water Authority in the port area and have a wide range of tasks in the construction supervision and environment unit. General Terms and Conditions. Footpath crossings Constructing and altering access roads also requires the approval of the Authority in charge of building and maintaining public roads, lanes and pathways.

Auskunftsersuchen nach dem Transparenzgesetz Transparenzgesetz hpa. Analyse der Sedimente aus der Norderelbe, Sommer For most of these projects, a building permit is required. Analyse der Sedimente Norderelbe Sommer Analyse der Sedimente aus der Norderelbe Sommer The approvals required may differ depending on space.

Deich- und polderrechtliche Genehmigung. Local Nature Conservation Authority As the Local Nature Conservation Authority in the dedicated port area, the HPA administers numerous regulatory tasks in respect of nature and landscape conservation.

The Download-Center for the administrations department. Do you want to know if a project requires a building permit?

The Building Control Authority of the Hamburg Port Authority, rather the Development Projects Division, is responsible for the processing of building permit application throughout the port’s area of activity. The purpose of the Federal Soil Protection Act is to permanently protect the functions of the soil or, where necessary, to recreate its functions.


You can arrange an appointment to view the building permit files here Phone: Rules concerning the Building Regulations. The Contact-Center for the administrations department. Please also note that this information is only available in German, due to the fact that they are official documents which can only be provided and edited in German, and due to content on external sites which have no English translation.

Do you want to erect a building or change a building’s use within the dedicated port area? Leiter Finanzen – Maritime Commercial Management. All newly built roads and highways must be officially transfered into public ownership, provided they are intended to be made available to public traffic.

HWG – Military and Government

Do you want to submit a Building permit application or clarify a Binding decision by a building permit authority delivered prior to submitting a building permit application?

In particular, constructing or altering installations in, on or over the water require approval.

We are an institution under public law and we also exercise sovereign functions as a transit authority. Leiter Hochwasserschutz und Gefahrenabwehr.

The highways authority monitors this and arranges to have the vehicles towed away free of charge if necessary. If any of these topics are relevant to your planning, then please contact us early on in the process. Welcome to the Service section!

Analyse der Sedimente Parkhafen Mai Analyse der Sedimente Rethe Juni Sustainability Long-term, responsible handling of the available resources is more important today than ever before. Analyse der Sedimente Strandhafen Sommer