Posts about Gioconda by Lucille Turner written by M.K. Tod. Editorial Reviews. Review. Gioconda proposes an elegant solution to the problem of why the Gioconda – Kindle edition by Lucille Turner. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. Gioconda [Lucille Turner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We know him as Renaissance genius: inventor, scientist, artist. Visionary.

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His journey leads him back to Lisa and the portrait he has waited so long to paint, the culmination of his life’s work. Fear of the Muslim armies resonated for generations to come in the minds of Western Europeans as news of the massacre on the streets filtered through Europe. August 27, February 21, And, when Leonardo went to Milan, his path was nowhere near as smooth thrner this book would suggest. It can be hard to remember that da Vinci was a goiconda like the rest of us.

A fictional story, but it really gave me an insight to the world of Leonardo Da Vinci, the artist. What is theme, really?

In the following paragraphs there will be spoilers, as I wanted to comment on a few specific things. Five hundred years have passed, and we continue to wonder how he did it. Books by Lucille Turner. The description of his childhood and the surroundings and events that led to his later work is extremely well.


But he was a restless spirit: The first thing that struck me about the portrait was its non-delivery. Sometimes the significance of a book can be entirely lost on a reader. The grail was therefore symbol rather than object. After the French Revolution it came to be housed at the Louvre. The Palaiologos brothers were well aware that their world was under threat, although there was little they could do about it in the end, being as they were, an island of Greeks in a sea of Turks.

The moment he focuses on one ball, instead of all the balls at once, the spell is broken, the balls fall. Sight must be processed; the old rules of linear perspective, which had marked the art of pre-Renaissance Italy so strongly, were incorrect. In Leonardo came to work for the French King Francis I and it is in France that the painting is believed to have been completed.

That was the way of the Renaissance workshop: The fate of these hugely important scrolls became a source of fascination for me as I wrote The Sultan, the Vampyr and the Soothsayer. In short, he sensed that what we see is not exactly tunrer whole picture.

Gioconda by Lucille Turner

Jul 01, Donna rated it really liked it. Fearing the worst, they had already begun to strip their city of its treasures, often using the gold taken from the Hagia Sophia, the huge wonder of a church that still stands in lucjlle centre of Istanbul, to pay their diminished armies.


Jun 20, Anne Bryson rated it it was amazing. Tod writes historical fiction. You are commenting using your Twitter account. As the characters evolved and the plot moved forward, the emerging theme and message hopefully became apparent: Congratulations on your second novel.

That did not mean he fled — far from it.

It helps turne see how his mind was way ahead of his time and how difficult he found it he rein in his ideas. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A solitary child, Leonardo’s only intimate is Lisa Gherardini, the girl who spies on him in his workshop. There is also the background.

What a great article, Lucille! Look at the age difference. This novel underlines that fact, but also highlights the unique world view of the artist. The Inspiration Behind the Book.

Hmmm, this one mighty be overdue. The eyes, it is said, appear to move, to look in all directions at one time. Thanks for telling us about the problem. A talented author of historical fiction can do this by first carrying out a thorough study of the known facts.

And he had a boy servant with whom his relations were far from chaste.