12 – Plug. Disk Plug. T. Plug, Seat Material. Actuator Size. A A2. A3. A4. A A6. B B2. Seal Tank. G1. G2. G3. DK. /OO. T. – Self-Acting Pressure and Temperatur Controllers by GESTRA – Flowserve Corporation. Pressure-reducing valve for use with steam and other fluids. Figure no. Description. GESTRA pressure reducing valve without auxiliary energy. Low pressure adjustable within the setting range while operating.

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Contamination by acids, etc Ingress of oil in cooling water General Measurement methods Measurement: Thermostatic Steam Traps with Bimetallic Regulator Robust controller for the toughest operating conditions, insensitive against water shocks and frost, can be used as air vents. Germany since with energy saving philosophy in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control. Pump Trap and Compact Condensate Lifter. Stainless steel Gstra Technical Sheets.

Gesgra is a global leader in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control. Gestea here for further information.

If the differential pressure is too low, the equipment works as cyclic condensate lifter. Desalting valve Special designs for specific tasks, i. The condensate is forced up the immersion tube and then discharged. Features of the RK series: Steam Glass System and Technical Information. Gestra CB14, DN 50 tocan be mounted between flanges acc. Steam regenerators are therefore especially suited for sterilizing equipment in hospitals, steaming and drying chambers in the foodstuff industry, and for the production of distillates.


Mixing coolers are blowdown receivers that cool hot waste water that can no longer be used for heat recovery and therefore is discharged into pits, drains or sewage systems. Class to LB.

There is a risk of inleakage by oils, grease, etc.: Contact our international Partners right now, to ask for an experienced Survey Service — Just early enough to ensure your productivity is on a top level during all times season! Faulty steam traps are a major source of waste in a steam distribution system.

Steam converters produce saturated steam for a secondary system of steam from steam or hot water. Therefore, in modern production systems, working without automation and visualisation would now be unthinkable. Condensate tanks are used to collect the condensate from steam processors or flash vessels.

Pressure reducing valve, type Gestra 5801

SPECTOR family Because one system can no longer satisfy all requirements Safety in operation, availability gestrs cost efficiency are decisive factors for energy supply centres. Steam traps remote monitoring. If the differential pressure is sufficient, equipment type UNAPK works in continuous trapping mode with leak-proof rolling ball valve closure. The condensate remaining in the flash vessel is discharged into a condensate tank. This unique market position is based on extensive experience acquired over more than 50 years in the design and manufacture of high-quality safety-oriented control equipment.

The benefits for you are clear: There is a risk of inleakage geetra acids, alkalis, etc.: Hight-tech for enhanced safety and reliability. Higher pressures and pressure sets are available on request.


The condensate dampening pot provides cushioning effect to neutralize waterhammer. Both no moving part electrode level control and float regulator level control are available for selection. Steam generators used mainly for the production of pure steam, where no harmful substances, such as hydrazine, may be included. There are containers in lying and standing versions.

Piston valve / pressure-control / temperature control / for gas – , – GESTRA AG

Cast iron Download Technical Sheets. If the differential pressure is too low, the equipment works as cyclic condensate lifter The condensate lifter UNAPS, designed for effective return of condensate.

The pump trap UNA PK is a modern valve which combines the gestda of a float trap with an additional pump mechanism. Features of the ZK series: Screwed sockets Body Material: The GESTRA product range includes steam and yestra piping equipment, boiler control, special equipment and vessel for heat recovery.

The condensate discharged by the steam traps flows down the interior wall of the external tube. Ultra-compact pneumatic design thanks to directly attached positioner. We offer our customers a full range of complete systems and intelligent solutions engineered to function with maximum reliability. From the tank the condensate is pumped into geztra deaerator by level-controlled pumps.

Gestra Level meters for constant steam trap supervision Use conductivity to monitor steam trap performance.