Products 1 – 13 of 13 Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle DVD | Gary Plants | SEO MAGIC Hofzinser Transparent Card by Gary Plants · Gary Plants, $, Buy. Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle. A Handling of Herb Zarrow’s Full-deck False Shuffle that fools the experts – and everyone else. Written by Stephen Minch. Title, Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle. Author, Stephen Minch. Illustrated by, Tom Gagnon. Publisher, Card Plant, Length, 27 pages. Export Citation.

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Steve Forte, in the introduction, makes the honest observation about the Zarrow shuffle in that: There are a few names in magic that has been consistently associated with an excellent quality of material, and depth of thinking.

If you do a Zarrow shuffle but don’t know Gary’s work on it, you should get this. Eternal damnation awaits anyone who questions God’s unconditional love. He has had a strong interest in gambling related material and over time became good friends with Richard ZarrosSteve ForteRod Deeand Jason England.

Tom Gaudette New user 30 Posts.

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A very worth while resource on the Zarrow. In my opinion Gary Plants has taken the Zarrow Shuffle to the next level, making it the most deceptive, versatile, table false shuffle ever created and a must for anyone interested in the finer aspect of card magic.


Jul 7, From Magicpedia, the free online encyclopedia for magicians by magicians. What do you all consider the gaty must haves re the Zarrow Shuffle itself? The shuffle itself appears fair and innocent.

Gary Milton Plants July 17 But I didn’t see Elmsley, probably because he was behind the others. Las Vegas, NV Posts.

Gary Plants

Mike Squires New user Dallas 56 Posts. The technique itself is very good. Gary Plants Special user Posts. I have Gary’s booklet on the Zarrow shuffle. Support our sponsor Genii Magazine.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Gary Plants’ Zarrow DVD is out

Retrieved from ” https: Your DVD will be an immense help for those interested in learning the workings of your wonderful false shuffle. Jason Eternal damnation awaits anyone who questions God’s unconditional love.

His booklet on the Zarrow Shuffle is in my estimation essential reading and I can only imagine that this DVD set must be superb. Jul 1, I remember being told over and over again that the handling required a lot of cover, but looked completely deceptive.


The description is split into five parts: Jul 17, While described separately, they are meant to convey one continuous smooth action.

Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle

This sounds like a Awesome Shuffle. Magic History ConferenceT. Conjure Nation Forums – Vector Cards. It would be impossible to include all the information from the book on a DVD.

Andrew Immerman Regular user California Posts. Jun 26, He does the Strip Shuffle though which is very hard. You can see a push through shuffle being used too.

If you’re interested in this type of work, I’d call this an easy “must have” product. His monograph on the topic previously only a limited, numbered printed edition is also now available in e-book format. This is very well done and a great resource on the shuffle. Man oh man, if I wasn’t trying to get the funds together to get back to America, I would snag this in a nanosecond.