This tutorial will give you a sense of ProjectLibre’s basic functions. And after all of it’s entered, diagrams, Gantt Charts and a WBS (Work.

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Dans les cas suivants: Personnalisation du graphique IX-F. Korean translation has been significantly improved thanks to the efforts of anonymous translator ihavnothand other translations have also been updated. Top 5 Project Management Training Sites. Suivi du projet IX-A. Plays better in multiscreen and High-DPI environments, updates holiday calendars for tutoirel dozen of countries, adds Ukrainian translation and updates a few others and fixes a number of bugs. Vous pouvez commenter l’article en suivant le lien suivant: Fixes a number of severe bugs.

Modifier le logo IX-H.

Apprendre à utiliser GanttProject

gant However, there is another use case which is now possible: Need a simple project management software to manage your team? Red tasks mean task dependency. And for good tutorisl, you may be managing a project involving a scheduled event at a hotel.

Mais il est possible de les modifier, d’en rajouter et d’en supprimer. Style d’affichage des week-ends Permet de modifier l’affichage des week-ends sur le graphique, en modifiant la couleur de la partie du segment correspondant: Vous pourrez aussi obtenir des documents comme le PERT et le chemin critique.


I can do this with not problems using ProjectLibre! It was created by the founders of OpenProj and continually gains popularity.

ProjectLibre Tutorial Part 1: Creating Your First Project

Patty-O Furniture Start Date: Version PDF Version hors-ligne. Once you have downloaded and installed ProjectLibre, you should see a window like this one below. There is a number of other important bugfixes in GanttProject 2. Style d’affichage des week-ends. Bantt 1 May, Pour cela, deux commandes sont disponibles: We always label ads and we always focus user on our own content first.

En ouvrant GanttProject, nous arrivons sur un projet ttuoriel. La commande se trouve sur le clic droit sur le graphique: Alertes et retards IX-D.

promect File format has slightly changed: The latter apparently already comes by default with Ubuntu so no reason to use the former anymore. We also accept donationsbut currently donations are negligible comparing to ads. Alors partagez-le en cliquant sur les boutons suivants: Pour ouvrir un fichier: Why do we show ads Ads are vital for GanttProject to be alive.

GanttProject Tutorial

You will need to enter the following information about your project: Fixes a few bugs and updates Polish, French and Galician translations. Il nous suffit de nommer la sauvegarde. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Pour notre exemple, prenons le cas suivant: ProjectLibre Tutorial Part 1: Maintenance updates GanttProject 2.


It makes working Early Begin constraint in the scheduler and fixes a number of bugs and usability issues. The obvious use of this constraint is to set the earliest date when a task can start. Blue tasks means no task dependency.

Our ads policy We always label ads and we always focus user on our own content first. This means that the project has a mandatory, non-negotiable, end date.

If there were no ads on the web site, GanttProject would have died years ago. ProjectLibre tutorial Part 5: Fixes a few bugsupdates holiday calendars for a ganty of countries, adds Indonesian translation and updates some other translations and makes possible copying data between GanttProject windows using system clipboard.

La modification du logo se fera pour application sur tout le projet. When opening older projects GanttProject audits the first run of the scheduler and reports the results to user if at least one task changes its dates after the first run. Affecter les ressources IX.