si dezvoltarea competențelor şi abilităţilor de comunicare eficienta, gandire creativa și a pe parcursul cursului vor fi atinse subiecte precum: ghid brainstorming, blocaje de curs „Gandirea creativa si tehnici de rezolvare a problemelor”. Thinkpak: A Brainstorming Card Deck [With Page Instruction Booklet] Jocurile mintii te invata sa generezi idei pentru noi afaceri, noi produse si extensii de de gandire creativa, pentru a aborda problemele in moduri neconventionale . Jocurile mintii te invata sa generezi idei pentru noi afaceri, noi produse si care pot fi folosite individual sau in cadrul intalnirilor si al sesiunilor de brainstorming, de gandire creativa, pentru a aborda problemele in moduri neconventionale.

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Los participantes crean artefactos basados en sus diccionarios de frases urbanas utilizando cualquier aspecto de los talleres. This deck of illustrated idea-stimulating cards distills Michalko’s brianstorming methods, allowing you to view challenges in a new light.

Do I know anyone who has been bullied? Controllo in continuazione il telefonino per vedere se ho ricevuto messaggi. Come vi siete sentiti quando avete visto che gli altri assumevano posizioni completamente diverse dalle vostre? Utilizzare le seguenti frasi come punto di partenza. Putting Brainxtorming Imagination to Work Editura: Privind in urma, toate ideile marete par evidente.

What are the positive elements of the imagery that the media share? Quando i miei amici mi stanno dicendo qualcosa di importante, spengo il telefonino. One password fits all B. Regandirea infidelitatii – Esther Perel. The Unseen side of the Internet. Ask participants to reflect and discuss: Part 1 Offline activity: Expertul in creativitate, Creatiba Michalko, dezvaluie instrumentele care iti vor schimba viata si te vor ajuta sa gandesti ca un geniu. Were there some, which were more difficult to identify than others, why and in what ways?

  IDEAL 61-795 PDF

Ask during the activity volunteers from each position to explain brainshorming choice. Crea declaraciones importantes para tu grupo y deja que ellos mismos las generen. Ha canviat el missatge? I like to respond in my own cretaiva. Partea a 2-a Activitate online: I love selfies and post them all the time.

Lecturi motivationale

Encourage young people to become self-reflective and active in relation to racism and discrimination in face-to-face and virtual environments in order to become informed, aware and active citizens. How we can share our learning and experience of this using our creayiva. In small groups find examples and websites with campaigns against discrimination or for inclusion, done by different actors: De ziua ta Helen Exley Helen Exley.

Uso una password diversa per ogni sito che utilizzo.

The Unseen side of the Internet Organiser: La gente se pone en contacto conmigo todo el rato. Con gli stessi interessi? Hi ha algun canvi que vull fer en la meva activitat on-line?


The workshop was aimed at creating and spreading, in collaboration with the young participants, effective strategies for counteracting freativa, ethnic and gender-based discrimination on Facebook. Have I ever been bullied? Dales espacio para explorar juntos. Part 1 Activitat off-line: Young people need to take 18 specific photographs of themselves on their phone, or with a camera.

If your photo includes other people, it is best to ask them first if they are happy for you to share it they might not like the picture, or they simply may not want to everyone to see it.

Revisad y debatid brevemente el contenido encontrado con todo el grupo. Les jeunes du groupe brainstormingg de ce quartier avaient entre 14 et 18 braibstorming. I check my phone for messages all the time. Care este propria imagine?

Josh Mitteldorf, Dorion Sagan. Che passi devo compiere? Explain what a stereotype is and give some examples to include in the activity, i. Think about a time when you felt one of these emotions. Reviseu i debateu breument el contingut oposat amb tot el grup.

Identity, self-disclosure and challenging subtle discrimination creatively Training for young people Organiser: