SKU, Model, PWM Outputs, Ports, 2 Ports, FASST, Telemetry, S- FHSS, High Speed, High Voltage, Connectors, Range. FUTL, RGF, 4, 0, 0. Updating instructions and software manual are included in the zipped files. Please unzip 12FG Model Recovery Application ( KB) – updated July 23, Futaba 12FG – GHz FASST (T12FGA) with GHz TM Module Accessories included: Instruction Manual – Futaba SD Card – 12 V AC.

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If you want it to be slower around neutral and faster near the end point, the AFR is your option. Please connect the battery connector before use. Expo can be set separately in each direction.

There are 7 fuaba of main wings and 3 types of tail wings for airplanes and gliders, and 8 swash types for helicopters. The stick units are very smooth, thanks to twin ball races on each fugaba. I don’t understand why that was done.

If you select no, you may use the transmitter without fear of signal interference with another pilot’s transmitter. Page 52 Model type Select the model type f r o m a m o n g a i r p l a n ehelicopter, and glider. Normal However, if you wanted to setup a glider you have just as many options available and it could look something like this: I hope to answer at least some of those questions for you, and at the same time myself.

Page 14 To change the trim rate, you must activate this Volume through the function menu, within the linkage menu. Page 43 Servo connection by model type The T12FG transmitter channels are automatically assigned for optimal combination according to the type selected with the Model Type function of the Linkage Menu.

The timer can be set to count up or down and with or without an alarm at whatever interval you decide. Inevitably though, squeezing so much functionality into a small box has led to one or two compromises that may be noticed especially by those coming from a Euro style box. To print the manual completely, please, download it.



Enter text from picture: To have this here seems redundant as it’s in the Linkage menu as well. In a new model, I don’t see that as necessary. I did however adjust the display settings to find a contrast I liked.

Page 58 SUB-TRIM The Sub-Trim function is used to set the servo neutral position, and may be used to make fine adjustments to the control surface after linkages and pushrods are hooked up. I have airplanes I like to fly just above idle. For more than just sentimental reasons, it’s also my favorite.

On the face of it the manual looks comprehensive, but dig deeper and it has to be said the quality is somewhat lacking. Setting of these 2 positions can be selected by switch.

Unfortunately, while its large size is commendable, the contrast is rather poor. If you have any difficulties while using your system, please consult the manual, our online Frequently Asked Questions on the web pages referenced belowyour hobby deal- er, or the Futaba Service Center.

Mode A is conventional mode and displays the The frequency of the RDPS receiver is set maximum performance of the servo response to This could very well mean the difference between a lawn dart and a safe landing. The Linkage menus are where you do all the basic setting up, including creating new models, frequency selection, control assignments, and servo adjustments. If a target time is set and the timer reaches the set etc.

On the downside, these adjustments are too crude to match up the movement of large paired control surfaces like flaps, where even the slightest differences in linkage geometry can cause subtle mistracking which is difficult to correct.

It is effective in 3D aerobatics which use a large travel. It’s a superbly flexible piece of kit, both in terms of programming and in the RF options available. In short, to replicate the setup that I’ve honed on the Multiplex over many seasons of competitive flying.


Condition Select The functions in the Model Menu can be used by switching the settings of up to 8 flight conditions conditions. AFR AFR Function is used to adjust the throw and operation curve of manua stick, lever, and switch functions for each flight condition of which there are 8.

Connect the receiver and servos to match the type used. A third page specifies how the mixer is activated; e.

I really have a hard time finding flaw in this transmitter. What I really like about Futabas menu’s is they all work to adjust your model in a very similar way. After changing the mode, it is applied use the Reverse mode. Unfortunately there isn’t space to cover everything, so I’ll choose a few key features.

Page 42 Receiver and servo connection Connect the receiver and servos in accordance with the connection diagram shown below. However, with availability of programmable mixers, this is unlikely to be a constraint in practice. Got it, continue to print.

Futaba 12FG Review

So what does THAT mean? It’s in this menu you can adjust that travel. Not only is this a challenging model to program, but with the fast speeds up to 90 mph and short meter course, fuyaba servos and minimal latency are essential to avoid having to ‘anticipate the buzz’ at each end of the run. Sometimes I’ll bring a couple smaller 55″ airplanes and a helicopter or maybe a couple park flyers.

POWER ON The first step after turning on the transmitter is verifying whether you want to transmit a signal, and is the first screen you see.