Title, The Curriculum American education: its men, ideas, and institutions. Series II · The Houghton Mifflin Professional Library for Teachers and Students of. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. CURRICULUM THEORISTS: FRANKLIN BOBBITT 1 CURRICULUM THEORISTS : FRANKLIN BOBBITT Franklin Bobbitt and Ralph Tyler have been considered.

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Remember me on this computer. The resulting activities were to be the objectives of the curriculum. Its underlying foundation presumes that the cogs of the school machinery operate efficiently and effortlessly without any breakdown in reaching its goals and objectives in creating the school curriculum.

He felt it would be better to have schools open on Saturdays, Sundays and even in summer. His work lent credence to efforts to vocationalize thw curriculum, and provided legitimacy to what has become one of the most questionable features of the modern school curriculum, the practices of tracking and ability grouping. Paste the link into your website, email, or any other HTML document. A Post-Modern Perspective on Curriculum.


The last step was to lay out activities, experiences, and opportunities that would be needed to obtain the objectives. Biographical Dictionary of American Educators.

True to the ideals of social efficiency, he saw the task of the schools as that of instilling in youth the skills, knowledge, and beliefs that they required to function in the urban, industrial, and increasingly heterogeneous society that America was becoming during the early years of the twentieth century. Andrew Targowski – – Dialogue and Universalism 21 1: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hide my email completely instead?

The first stage would be to analyze the total range of human abilities, habits, systems of knowledge that one should possess. How does one develop a genuine feeling of membership in a social group, whether large or small? This progressive sentiment is echoed via Melby The Curriculum as a Standard of Public Education.


Taylor had developed the concept of scientific management predicated on the idea of the workplace on how it might relate to greater efficiency. In this study Bobbitt found the curriculum existing at that time as incomplete. InBobbitt wrote The Curriculum: A representative of the efficiency minded thinkershe specialized in the field of the curriculum. At first they put together American textbooks which they had been familiar with in United States schools, but a director of education in the Philippines made them look this over.

While teaching at the University of Chicago he undertook surveys of school systems where he took a critical assessment of the schools operations and placed heavy emphasis on its core curricula. Bobbitt felt that the larger the scope of the curriculum, the less useful it would be in a school or particular classroom Bobbitt, It is assumed that if we bobbutt up the facts by means of scientific analysis, the appropriate ideals will come to the surface too.

John Franklin Bobbitt

Request removal from index. Since his curriculum design ideas were so unique it was evident that he never did spend considerable time on other educational scholarly work.

Click here to sign up. He was concerned with the processes and errors in other fields besides the field of education and used this information to make a more suitable curriculum for its intended course or program. In his paper Bode goes on to state: Page – I suppose, have thus suffered; and if I had to live my life again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week; for perhaps the parts of my brain now atrophied would thus have been kept active through use.

It was a method that became and has remained the conventional wisdom among American educators concerning the process of curriculum development. It is only a by-product p. John Franklin Bobbitt – – New York: Bobbitt insisted bibbitt re-evaluating underperforming English programs and opening up the curriculym facility to the community at large. Georgina Stewart – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 43 Second, his so-called scientific approach to curriculum making served as a precedent for the work of numerous educators during the next half-century in spelling out the procedures for designing the course of study.


Bobbitt along with a handful of other early-twentieth-century educators, including W.

Franklin Bobbitt, The Curriculum of Modern Education – PhilPapers

The procedures for curriculum planning, which Bobbitt referred to as bobitt analysis, were adapted from Taylor’s work and began with the identification of the specific activities that adults undertook in fulfilling their various occupational, citizenship, family, and other social roles. Bobbitt created five steps for curriculum making: Mcgraw-Hill Book Company Even the evidentialists of this period like Robert Maynard Hut believed that his methodology was unsound.

They would have paid their blood-tax, curriculuum their own part in the immemorial human warfare against nature The military ideals of hardihood and discipline would be wrought into the growing fibre of the people NewmannThomas E. History of Western Philosophy.

Bobbitt’s legacy falls into four areas. Born in English, Indiana, a community of less than 1, people in the southeast part of the state, Bobbitt earned his undergraduate degree at Indiana University and then went on to teach, first in several rural schools in Indiana and later at the Philippine Bobbiitt School in Manila.

Ultimately, having franklim standardized curriculum allows for equal opportunity for all of the students. Professional Ethics in Applied Ethics categorize this paper. Media Education in Hong Kong Schools: