A kind of Primordial Exalted, Alchemicals are modular Exalted with the ability to become hyper-specialised conduits of brilliance. Although they tend to focus. In Autochthonia, however, the Exalted do not rule. They exist to protect and serve. Alchemicals of the Orichalcum Caste, then, lead by example. The Alchemical Exalted are the Exalted native to the machine world of Autochthonia. Their powers are granted to them by the Primordial Autochthon. They are.

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Alchemical Castes – Alchemical Solutions Wiki

Playing a Alchemical in Creation. If you give a person godlike power and immortality, it won’t always turn out well. The animas of this caste radiate out as shimmering ripples in the air like agitated quicksilver, rhythmically flickering between alchemjcals silver and white.

The Razors of Autochthon are universally nimble and quick, favoring finesse over dxalted. The Whispers carefully spin their own legends to make it so. If they are not loved, so be it. Retrieved from ” https: Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page.

They have a greater use as free alchemlcals, and they seek to delay the inevitable as long as possible. Any object that passes through this field becomes cold and wet to the touch for some time afterward, though no visible moisture collects on it.

This exacerbates and to the Archons, justifies already endemic trends toward arrogance.

Create account or Sign in. The madness of the First Age was partly that, and partly the fault of the culture of decadence that had grown up surrounding the Solars. By their excellence, they goad their societies to be excellent. So he got all his exalteed together on the quiet, dragged a fuckton of unborn souls from the well of souls, kidnapped a whooooole bunch more people, and then fled into Elsewhere aalchemicals shut the door behind him.



The Stone Hands are humble because they have known victory tainted by tragedy. Just remember you are a Soviet Magic Cyborg. The Adamant Castes exist as living mythology within their world. Originally Posted by nagora.

During this time, a prismatic halo of alchemiacls trails slightly ahead of the Alchemical as a sort of reverse afterimage, highlighting the auspicious movements he will take. Others become dedicated guardians of their home cities. The New World, Part 9: I just found the official wiki page for Queen Amyana.

Adamant Caste Charms are gleaming, perfectly formed artifacts made of glass, quartz and adamant. These frighteningly agile and powerful behemoths spy on the workings of gods, exalteed gremlin nests and execute lightning aldhemicals on rogue elements within the body of the Great Maker, leaving behind only shredded steel and eerie silence to mark their passing. Only in painful retrospect do targets understand what they saw.

This requires the Alchemical to have survived in that body for at least five hundred years.

You also more or less are the bitch boy of, if not the nation that built you, then which ever nation you swore allegience too because you’re alcheemicals glorified wind up toy exwlted requires constant maintenance known only to a set of crazy secretive guilds that are comprised entirely of mortals.

For a soul to imbue an Archon with life, its past incarnations must have been visionaries who pursued larger-than-life goals without restraint.


Which is great fun when you’re attempting to convert the heathen members of the Realm to the Qun worship of Autochthon and joining Autochthonian society. The twin virtues of the Scourges of Autochthon are ruthlessness and discretion. Although not necessarily likable, they are literally and undeniably awe-inspiring.

After the gods rebelled, Autochthon decided it was a really good idea to get the hell out exxalted creation as the asshats running the place were giving him funny looks of the “Maybe we should stick him in hell too,” sort exalter way since he wouldn’t piss off into the wild searching for a nonexistent metaphysical answer like Gaia did.

If I recall, there may also be a Protocol that lets you swap out parts without a complex, but I may just be misremembering. I don’t know our players are schizophrenic when it comes to party design. Still, being able to perform the work of 10 men does not mean the Hammers of Autochthon work alone. Whether your Alchemical does this, or one of your party mates does, or if there’s already an Autochthonian presence somewhere in Creation that has had one constructed is up to you.

The Six Castes The Alchemical Exalted have six Castesall related to the magic material from which they are constructed.

Crystal and glass subjected to the anima of an Adamant Caste becomes hard as steel for minutes afterward, though this has never impeded the escape of a Servitor of Autochthon.