This is where you can find all your answers about the Eurail pass and get Search train times and connections across Europe, plus check which trains ask for a. Find out information about looking up train times in Europe before and during your rail Your Eurail Pass allows for extremely flexible travel. With a Eurail Pass and comfortable Italian trains, the entire country is within .. Use the Eurail train timetable or Trenitalia timetable to check times for trains in.

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Eurail passes are also valid on a number of small private local railways, for a list see www. For example, different types of train may serve one route, and only the faster or more comfortable type requires a reservation. The Via Ferrata iron ways are the steel ladders and fixed cables in the Dolomite mountains Dolomiti that make climbing a safe experience for both beginning and advanced climbers. Buy a full-fare ticket saving you a travel day if this is the only train you take that day.

Find the train you want in the search results and click on the fares from In addition, some credit cards are better for overseas travel than others. Unusually, even many shorter-distance regional trains in Spain such require a seat reservation: Eurail passes are valid on Austrian-run Nightjet trainswith a seat, couchette or sleeper reservation fee.

SJ night trains give travelers an unparalleled chance to experience all of Sweden, from the rolling green pastures in the south to the Arctic timetanle in the north.

Back to top Luxembourg Eurail passes give unlimited travel on Though there may be seat reservations or small supplements to pay on certain trains, more about that below. What is a Eurail pass?

Everything you need to know about Eurail

To make a seat reservation on a direct train to, from or within Austria, go to www. Check the abbreviation in the timetable, which is usually ‘EN’ EuroNight. A good deal, as no supplements or reservations are required on most German trains, you just hop on and show your pass. This protection timetzble the cost of replacement tickets up to the remaining value of your Pass, if it gets lost or stolen. Oslo to Stockholm by Swedish X train: And the tighter the geographic coverage, the timeatble the pass cost per day: The app even includes basic maps for major destinations, so you can quickly get your bearings once you arrive.


Everything you need to know about Eurailpasw Explore Europe with the one rail pass that lets you see it all. Eurail passes don’t cover some private train operators The pass must cover France, or Spain, or both.

Rail Europe has a pretty good system for choosing which rail pass or combination of passes would be best for you, depending on which countries you’re visiting, how many days actual train travel you plan to do, an how many total days you plan to spend in each country.

A range of Italian trains will transport you across the whole of Italy and its islands, and to and from other European countries by day and night. You can just hop on any train without a reservation, sit in any unreserved empty seat, and show your pass when asked by the conductor – even premier high-speed trains like Germany’s superb ICE or Austria’s Railjet trains.

Train Times In Europe On Your Eurail Trip | Eurail Blog

InterRail passes cover exactly the same trains as Eurail, with the same fees for the same reservations, so an American and a British traveller can easily travel together, one using a Eurail pass, the other an InterRail pass. Contact our support team for any further questions! We offer e-tickets for Italian trains – book fast and easy with us! Use the table below to check whether a seat reservation is needed or not. Estimate how many train travel days you need to fit in all your destinations, and you’re tiemtable ready to choose and order your pass.


On the other hand, any trains you wanted to use before catching the sleeper would require another box to be used – say you wanted to go from Amsterdam to Cologne on 2nd August to connect with the sleeper – now you’d use two boxes, one 2 August, eurailpass 3 Euraipass.

This includes travelling on international TGV-Lyria and ICE trains on the Swiss part of their journey, where timetaable normally form part of the regular-interval Swiss domestic train service. In fact, as you’d then have unlimited travel all day on the 2nd August, it also covers any other trains you want to take on 2nd August before catching that sleeper.

European Railway Map | Europe Rail Map, Train Travel Times |

The Eurail railway map is a great euraillpass for planning the perfect itinerary. Your Pass needs to be activated within 11 calendar months, but we can activate it for you when you order. So even a single-country France or Benelux pass allows to to book a cheap Eurostar trip to London.

Save precious travel time by moving from one destination to the next while you sleep. You can print your itinerary from there. Easily identify which trains you need to reserve. Keep in mind that even if a train is included in your Pass, you still may need to make a reservation.

However, there’s always the risk that you’ll meet a jobsworth, so play safe and fill it in while you’re waiting for the train or as soon as you get on.