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APPLIED PHYSICS 1 | Università degli Studi di Parma

Majorana experiments were never repeated by the international scientific community. Ettore Majorana unpublished research notes on theoretical physics. Our results are valid provided the anisotropies are not strong and can be easily implemented in quantum engineered systems.

Marco Spiga ; Pitagora. Circumventing the obstacle of preparing and measuring quasienergy configurations endemic to Floquet- Majorana detection schemes, we show that stroboscopic heat transport and spin density are robust observables to detect both the dynamical phase transitions and Majorana modes in dissipative settings. We clear up misunderstandings which have appeared in last suggestions how to distinguish both types of neutrinos.

Quantum resistor-capacitor circuit with Majorana fermion modes in a chiral topological superconductor. The theoretical discovery of the eponymous fcrmion in has since had profound implications for particlc physics, solid state and quantum computation.

We construct a map between the quantum field theory of free Weyl or Majorana fermions and the probability distribution of a classical statistical ensemble for Ising spins or discrete bits. Observation of this decay would imply violation of lepton number, that neutrinos are Majorana in nature, and provide information on the neutrino mass. On the other hand, the sizeable quantum corrections generated by a conventional fourth generation with a Dirac neutrino may be screened considerably in the presence of a Majorana degree of freedom.


An overview and status of the experiment are given. A web application for data appllcata and a radiation exposure calculator have been developed as tools for achieving the extreme radio-purity required for this rare decay search.

Recent advances in the search for Majorana fermions within condensed matter systems inspired the first part of the thesis. Under a unitary transformation, it is possible to express these Gaussian operators using real anti-symmetric matrices and Majorana operators, which are much simpler mathematical vi. We believe that such goal was basically achieved. As a result, the system exhibits a universal conductance at zero temperature, which is a fraction of the conductance quantum, and low-temperature corrections with a universal power-law exponent.

Furthermore, neither Majorana particles, nor their antiparticles can be associated with a well defined arrow of time. Esercizi di termodinamica applicata Author: In addition, we consider Majorana islands connected to interacting one-dimensional leads, and find different stable fixed points near and far from the charge-degeneracy point.

Pressure, temperature, zeroth law. By inserting du flux, a DSM nanowire is driven into a 1D crystalline-symmetry-protected semimetallic phase. We also exploit our exact solution to consider domain walls moving past static impurities present in the system.

MFs are shown to obey non-Abelian statistics and, thus, can be harnessed to make a fault-resistant topological quantum computer. However, given a Hamiltonian, determining whether MZMs exist is a daunting task as it relies on knowing the spectral properties of the Hamiltonian in the thermodynamic limit. Lepton number violating processes and Majorana neutrinos. We focus on a master equation approach including sequential and cotunneling contributions.

We show how the dynamical system for the square root of minus one is essentially the dynamics of a distinction whose self-reference leads to both the fusion algebra and the operator algebra for the Majorana Fermion. Among different observables of the atom Majorana mixing, we include the enhanced rate of stimulated X-ray emission from the long-lived metastable state by a high-intensity X-ray beam: We discuss how large mixings can arise, termodinamicq the large mixing angle MSW solution for solar neutrinos is favored, and provide estimates for the mixing angle U e3.


These systems possess the great advantage that they are accessible via scanning-probe techniques and thus enable the local manipulation and detection of Majorana modes. Here we consider two possibly conflicting constraints on the size of such an interferometer.

Esercizi di termodinamica applicata

Only if the neutrino is a Majorana particle identical with its antiparticle and if it has a mass is neutrinoless double-beta decay allowed. One approach is to use the two phase liquid-gas equilibrium to ensure constant temperature.

We consider the effect of massive right-handed Majorana neutrinos on this scenario. We argue that these difficulties are reflections of the global gauge anomaly associated to the real Weyl fermion in 8n dimensions. Using a nonequilibrium Green’s function technique we demonstrate that the topological Majorana edge modes of nanoscopic Shiba islands display universal electronic and transport properties.

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Finding a plausible origin for right-handed neutrino Majorana masses in semirealistic compactifications of string theory remains one of the most difficult problems in string phenomenology. Here, we demonstrate an alternative approach for the creation of TS in graphene-superconductor junctions without the need for spin-orbit coupling. Effective Majorana neutrino decay. In the leptogenesis framework Majorana neutrinos are at the origin of the baryon asymmetry in the universe. It is shown that the necessary and sufficient condition for the presence of k massless and n-k massive nondegenerate Majorana neutrinos in a theory with n neutrino flavours and a neutrino mass term of Majorana type is the existence of k standard and no other conserved lepton charges.