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There goes my blood pressure again. I can almost see the writer smiling and laughing while writing this book. There is a one month probation period in which the Kindred I didn’t like this one. I will definitely be reading the next book in the Kindred series.

That was not needed. The Kindred were able to defeat the Scourge and now live in ships above the surface of Earth. She studied to be a nurse they have medical places she could work at.

Super Hung Alpha Knot Guy was basically pussy whipped and after a few scenes between him and his “Bride” you only wanted to club him over the head to get him to chase another girl.

There is only one small catch andwrson the help they are offering. Pity that I actually liked the concept. Evangeline Anderson is a multi-published author who writes for a great amount of epublishers ccomprometido many cross genres. Overall, a pretty good book. Apr 28, Tami rated it did not like it. Olivia though is not sure she can give up her life on Earth for Baird. Love rated andesron liked it. In a way, I was pleasantly surprised, as Evangeline Anderson is actually quite good at writing sex scenes and foreplay.

And I’m definitely going to read the next book and will be thanking my lucky stars that Liv won’t be in it more than a few pages. View all 18 comments. Set in the very near future, an alien race known as the Kindred are protecting the earth from another alien race known as the Scourge.


Sep 23, Whit rated it it was amazing Shelves: Claimed is an inventive and quirky sci-fi romance with an adorable hero who lacks some social skills, including how to romance a woman. I get the bonding period is part of the contract to secure, I’m assuming, pregnancy lol Yet, znderson woman are very independent, and were someone like me would be like OOOO Hunky alien I’m down lets get busy and enjoy this naughty month together I would so be knocked up in like a week lolmost would be like erm, back off yo.

You didn’t get smart until the last like thirty pages of the So, I gave this book a five star, when the heroine actually pushed this book to a three star on multiple occasions. Supposedly he fell in love with Olivia before even meeting her, through their dream sharing.

Esclavo Comprometido – Evangeline Anderson (YunJae Mode)

I like having tension between the hero and heroine, but Olivia takes stubbornness and her need to evangelinf Baird’s seduction to a level that I found highly irritating. If you can get past Liv, it’s a good story. I get some of their reasons for acting the way the did and saying the things they did, but still They also sleep in the same bed and can touch. Refresh and try again.

Baird is a Beast Kindred who recently escaped imprisonment and torture at compromehido hands of the malevolent Scourge. And despite the over the top alphas and their you’re going to do this even though you don’t really want to nonsense, I never want to punch them in the face.

View all 3 comments. As much as I liked Baird and the story did tell us that andderson had learned English and Earth slang I still found it quite amazing that he sounded so un-alien like to me. View all 24 comments. Baird is portrayed as absurdly possessive, as he is a Beast Kindred and as such thinks women are pets to be loved, cared for, and given a good rogering now and But of course she bitches, she moans, she makes ” humorous ” social faux pas on alien planets, but she rarely if ever does anything deserving of the praise and admiration Baird gives her.


They were selfish and annoying. Week three is the tasting period. Holy Mother of Pearl! You get to knock back a shot every time the heroine denies being in heat. How do I despise Liv? They had traded info and technology with other worlds and because of this they had invented some items that I wish we had on Earth now.

I believe all the crap rested on Olivia’s shoulders to be honest. What redeemed this book, and me continuing with the series was the total attention to detail.

Evangeline Anderson – Hasta que le Reino Llegue | Jardín De Sakuras

She’s intensely attracted to our hottie hero Baird yet constantly feigns resistance, fearing never to see her twin sister Sophia again who is the main character in the second book btw. Mar 16, Ari Reavis rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like having tension between the comprpmetido and heroine, but Olivia takes stubbornness and her need to fig I enjoyed the world built by Anderson very much, so much so that the minute I finished Claimed I bought book 2, Hunted.

Except with no balls to call Olivia on her stupidity. I enjoyed this story and will be looking forward to the next story with her twin sister. I adored Baird, even loved him. The whole reason that Olivia doesn’t want to be a bride is because she doesn’t want to leave her sister, her possible career as a nurse, her best friend, and Earth behind forever. We learn about foods they have like fireflower juice and a special dish made of alive worms they need to die just before you eat them and they taste like chocolate.

But esclvo annoyed anderwon is that she never gave him a chance even when she knew how much he loved her and when she suspected ebangeline might love him in return.