Description. Flavius Vegetius Renatus, the 4th century AD writer on military matters, was more well known during the Middle Ages than today. His “Epitoma Rei. Epitoma rei militaris. by Vegetius Renatus, Flavius; Reeve, Michael D. Publication date Language Latin; English. Book digitized by. De re militari (Latin “Concerning Military Matters”), also Epitoma rei militaris, is a treatise by the . Xii in the Royal Library, written and ornamented for Richard III of England, is a translation of Vegetius. It ends with a paragraph starting: “Here.

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All these were under the direction of the officer called the epiotma of the workmen. If they broke the enemy they never pursued them, least they should break their ranks or throw the line into confusion, and lest the enemy, taking advantage of their disorder, should return to the attack and destroy them without difficulty.

They should have corn, wine, vinegar, and even salt, in plenty at all times. The ancients considered Sertorius’ care in this point as one of the dnglish eminent of his military qualifications.

They rested during the acnon on one knee, so that if the first lines were obliged to give way, they might be fresh when brought up to the charge, and thereby retrieve what was lost and recover the victory. If it rained or snowed, they performed under cover; and ill fine weather, in the field.

They must then be militsris to double the rank, which they must perform very quickly, and instantly cover their file leaders. Milner observes that it was “one of the most popular Latin technical works from Antiquity, rivalling ,ilitaris elder Pliny ‘s Natural History in the number of surviving copies dating from before AD They even had a body of miners who, by working under ground and piercing the foundations of walls, according to the practice of the Beffi, penetrated into the body of a place.

The Military Institutions of the Romans (De Re Militari)

He has also been active in archaeological and epigraphical survey work in S. For little can be expected from men militari have both the enemy and diseases to struggle with. As a consequence they established schools of tactics for the instruction of youth in all the maneuvers of war. The legion owed its success, according to Vegetius, to its arms and its machines, as well militsris to the bravery of its soldiers.


There was a problem filtering reviews right now. They are prepared and excited by some few mutineers, who hope to secure impunity for their crimes by the number of their associates.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

Flavius Vegetius Renatus was a Roman of high rank. In particular, he stresses the high standard of the legionaries and the excellence of the training and the officer corps. The officers who in action commanded the orders or divisions are called Ordinarii. By these means the troops were provided with places of drill sheltered from bad weather.

Epioma Iulii Frontini, viri consolaris, Strategematicon liber primus[-quartus]. These boats, joined and covered with planks, serve as bridges over unfordable rivers, on which both cavalry and infantry pass without danger.

The dimensions of the camps must be determined by the number of troops and quantity of baggage, that a large army may have room enough, and that a small one may not be obliged to extend itself beyond its proper ground. It was the ancient regulation that practice marches of this distance must be made three times a month. These latter are now called supernumeraries. And if they do not comply with the order, proper rnglish are to appointed to compel them to do it.

A sufficient number of spades, pickaxes, wicker baskets and tools of all kinds are to be provided for these works. For the possessions of the subjects cannot be kept secure otherwise than by the defense of arms. The fifth book gives an account of the materiel and personnel of the Roman navy. The only method, therefore, that remains of recovering the ancient customs is by books, and by consulting the old historians.

The tenth consists of the same number of five hundred and fifty-five foot and sixty-six horse and requires good men, as it closes the left flank of the second line. The camp must not be commanded by any higher grounds from whence it might be insulted or annoyed by the enemy, nor must the location be liable to floods which would epittoma the army to great danger.

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Epitoma rei militaris

In an open country you are more liable to be attacked by horse than foot. As it highly concerns us to guard against these inconveniences with prudence, so it would be inexcusible not to take advantage of an enemy that epittoma into them through ignorance or negligence. The Pamonian leather caps worn by our soldiers were formerly introduced with a different design.

He insists upon the utmost meticulousness in drill. These messes were also called Maniples from their constant custom of fighting together in the same company or division.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus – Wikipedia

The latest event alluded to in his Epitoma rei militaris is the death of the Emperor Gratian ; the earliest attestation of this work is a subscriptio by one Flavius Eutropius, writing in Constantinople in the yearwhich appears in one of two families of manuscripts, suggesting that a division of the manuscript tradition had already occurred.

Cato the Elder, who was often Consul and always victorious at the head of the armies, believed he should do his country more essential service by writing on military affairs, than by all his exploits in the field.

Numerous manuscript copies of Vegetius circulated in the time of Charlemagne and one of rsi was considered a necessity of life by his commanders. The use of the common missile weapons and loaded javelins was another part of the drill strictly attended rdi. Some of the maxims may be mentioned here as illustrating the principles of a war for limited political objectives with which he deals:.