Read Free Urdu Books, Novels & Stories By Umera Ahmed. All Categories, Urdu Novels · Urdu Stories · Umera La-Hasil – Last Part. Novels By Umera Ahmed. Umm e Mariam, the protagonist in the novel La Hasil – Hollow Pursuits by Umera Ahmed, is highly talented, with inherent gifts, and opted for the. La Hasil, writing of Umera Ahmed which was dramatized by the production of I loved watching it from beginning till the end because of the.

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I was initially angered by the girl “umm-e-maryam”and I find it weird when girls just fall in love instantly! Jun 16, Payal Kapoor rated it really liked it. Return to Urdu Novels. Get Email Updates of New Novels.

Want umefa Read saving….

لا حاصل by Umera Ahmed

I’m surprised that how a person can write such piece in 26 years of age. Hasil by Bt Ahmed 2 Comments free hasilhasilhasil by umera ahmedhasil by umera ahmed free onlinehasil freehasil novel in good printingread free hasil by umera ahmed.

I just hated everything Maryam did, I was amazed how could someone treat her own mother like that. I couldn’t stop pouring down my tears through last pages. Feb 10, Aiesha Aq rated it it was ok.

Drama of The Week – La Hasil!

Read continue to enjoy story……. Khadija Noor, her transformation, her pain, her struggles, her joys and smiles, but most of all; the hurdles in her life which were created most often by humans eager to punish and never ready to forgive.


True, I hated Mariam from the beginning and in every scene she appeared but I was more intrigued towards the relationship of mother and her son. Same old plot,not-so-deep-characters,and doesn’t have anything new. Loved every bit of it! Dec 15, Abubakar Kamil rated it it was amazing. Off loved watching it from beginning till the end because of the message this drama carried, backed by some brilliant performances.

Hasil by Umera Ahmed

Marium, another main character, is desire personified. It’s not the first time I have been inspired by her works and it surely won’t be the last either! W ” which became her identity. After i finished the book i was in such a trance that i bought all the books of the author and read them! She did it once again. Jun 24, Maryam rated it it was amazing.

She lost everything once and got everything at last. As always like Umera Ahmed’s other novels, Lx Hasil began capturing scenes of many characters and with expert-hands she gently tied them together towards the end. She has written about 16 bookscomprising of complete novels and compilations of short stories.

Being ambitious in life we often go on wrong track. Mar 03, Muhammad Abbas added it.

Driven by desire, belief, pride and prejudice, they run their lives according to their views. Mama jan is the symbol of the patience that waits for its reward for its acceptance.


As I continue to read this book my interest grew more. She b Umera Ahmed is one of the most widely-read and popular Urdu fiction novelist and screenplay writer of this era. Keep Supporting, Cheers, Zahra Mirza. On the other side it has been hasi how the never-ending desires of a human can destroy him.

Hasil by Umera Ahmed – Urdu Novels

It seemed like the thought-provoking story of two women of different generation. Jun 29, Amna Salam rated it it was amazing. Someone converts to Islam,falls in love with someone who is a Muslim and who mentors him,the newly convert has to make many sacrifices. She got married in and now living a happy life. One who started her journey from western filth to the spiritual deepness and the other who was sickly ambitious and started her journey from simplicity, who saw it as poverty to adopting western culture as her fame and talent gradually blindfolded her into completely forgetting her true art and self.

Aug 24, Zille Huma rated it really liked it.