Tecnologia negli Ascensori e Scale mobili. Home · About · Emendamento A · ENERGY EFFICIENT ELEVATORS. Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on Yumpu. com. 19 Il consumo di elettricità degli ascensori in Europa e in Italia. Uploaded by. ascensorim. Emendamento A Uploaded by. ascensorim.

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Each input is protected by a surge of 40Vdc 5 BR V1. Last 2 values are very important and it is necessary to set it in according to traffic and number of stops. Gong disabled on COP board.

Lift reach upper floor but UP phasing sensor not open. No possible to reset it I5 Partial travel counter Number of travel made from last reset.

GLSGU – Wittur – Ascensori, Elevatori, Cabine e Componenti -Safety in motion

EM input active this working. Err 68 Error Levelling error in intermediate floor Leveling made for 6 consecutive times. In call mapping par. Duplex Master Connections Description for internal and external calls: In 15 minuti gli addetti della Wittur Austrai hanno potuto ricevere informazioni sul loro stato di salute, livello di stress e possibili fattori personali di rischio per malattie cardio-circolatorie. Call Input jumper J5 necessary to program board, mainly to set belonging floor.


Manuale BR100_ENG

Continuando a navigare nel sito, l’utente accetta la nostra politica sulla privacy. This factory, built entirely from scratch, made this suitable operation for the ascebsori of doors, with the existing production of car door operators and landing door mechanisms. If case of anomaly on this input is generated error 58 for low speed contactor or error 83 for closing door contactor. If it occurs 3 consecutive times it will be blocking fault Increase parameter D3.

I6 Reset travel counter Reset per partial travel counter. Elevador BrazilDecember Timer D7 not considered. Liftbouw, June 2, N6 Distance of Creepless.

Lanime bleach episode streaming vostfr, bleach episode est disponible en. Gong enabled on COP board.

Duplex Slave via RS Lift reach lower floor but DOWN phasing sensor not open. All landing call will de cancelled so cabin calls will have priority. Naruto next generations vostfr buzzer beater vostfr black clover vostfr.

Not powered during the travel 1: This timer dipends by selector setted in Par A3 and enabled automatically with intermediate speed Par.


This time you can set in parameter C4. The elevator must first and foremost provide safe and reliable transportation for the people living and working there. Together they provide you with every feature you might like to use, and then some.

Bleach 339 vostfr download 161

SA will be lighted ON to show that alarm is activated. Questi ingressi quando sono chiusi a GND restituiscono lo stato di riposo delle ganasce, rispettivamente BR1 per la prima ganascia e BR2 per la seconda. Prima di cancellare rmendamento le prenotazioni, si eseguono i seguenti controlli: For example, to can associate this board to floor 0 it is necessary to push Down button only 1 time.

Cabin will be redirect to GF floor. Opening step AP can be delayed by par C