This is Eliphas Levi’s () bestknown book. This work arguably made Levi THE most influential writer on magic since the Renaissance. Originally issued. Éliphas Lévi Zahed, born Alphonse Louis Constant (February 8, – May 31, ), was a . The magic propagated by Éliphas Lévi became a great success, especially after his death. . et Rituel de la Haute Magie, (Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual), –; Histoire de la magie, (The History of Magic), . ELIPHAS LEVI ZAHED is a pseudony m which was adopted in his o ccult writings by Alphonse Louis Constant, and it is said to be the Hebrew equivalent of that.

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The ass has its merit, I agree ; it was consecrated to Priapus as was the goat to the god of Mendes.

According to this argument, Constant not only developed his “occultism” as a direct consequence of his socialist and neo-catholic ideas, but he continued to propagate the realization of “true socialism” throughout his entire life. Here then is the duad serving as the measure of unity, and the relation of equality between above and below forms with these the triad.

Transcendental Magic : Its Doctrine and Ritual

The term, however, requires explanation. Affirmation, nega- tion, discussion, solution, such are the four philosophical operations of the human mind. But shall I stake my life on a venture, or follow someone at chance who himself knows not where he is going?

The First Transcendenral is beneficent and severe ; it gives and takes away life. Buy the selected items together This item: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The monarchs of science are the priests of truth, and their sovereignty is hidden from the multitude like their prayers and sacrifices. Primitive man ekiphas androgynous. These two triangles, combined in a single figure, which is the magi star, form the sacred symbol of Solomon’s seal, the resplendent star of the Macrocosm.

On the side of the initiate, the goddess is clothed only with the skin of the tiger ; on that of the tiger itself she wears a long star-spangled robe, and even her hair is veiled.

It is the agreement and union of two principles, the mildness of Abel directing the activity of Cain, man guided by the sweet inspirations of woman, debauchery conquered by lawful marriage, revolutionary energy softened eliphqs subdued by the gentleness of order and peace, pride subjugated by love, science acknowledging the inspirations of faith.

Devoid of knowledge, he is called upon to know all.

Éliphas Lévi – Wikipedia

We allow him at the same time the honour and the glory of having discovered before us the secret of the Trident of Paracelsus. Here I must pause, and I fear already that I have said too much. Similar to many other socialists at the time, Constant saw the emperor as the defender of the people and the restorer of public order.


Mercurius Trismegistus begins his admirable symbol, known under the name of the Emerald Table, by this three- fold affirmation: Would you like to tell us magif a lower price? This is a wonderful book This book allows you to see the rational and trannscendental bold sides of magick, even if a bit dated.

Faustus Eugenius rated it liked transcendenyal Jul 26, For this reason the ancient sages, of whom Trismegistus is the organ, formu- lated their sole dogma in these terms: This absence of epics continues till our Romance of the Rose ; but the rose-symbol, which expresses also the mysterious and magical sense of Dante’s poem, is borrowed from the transcendent Kabbalah, and it is time that we should have recourse to this immense and concealed source trascendental universal philosophy.

Levl this interpreta- tion, it will be understood why, in the course of our work, we invariably bow with the traditional veneration of true adepts before the divine Paracelsus. It is also typified by the caduceus of Hermanubis, by the two cherubim of the ark, by the twofold sphinx of the chariot of Osiris, and by the two seraphim, respectively black and white.

Elipahs it does exhibit unmistakably is the in- tellectual transcenrental of the author, for he assumes therein the mask of perfect orthodoxy, and that accent in matters of religion which is characteristic of the voice of Rome.

There is one principle, there is one truth, there is one reason, there is one absolute and universal philosophy. To have the secret of wealth, to be always its master and never its slave. By adding to this Jod the triadic name of Eve, the name of Jehova is formed, which is eminently the Kabbalistic and magical word, mrr, which the high-priest in the temple pronounced Jodcheva.

To find the philosophical stone. Evidently this isn’t some kind of spell book that you can use to summon up the spirits of the dead though Levi makes bold claims to have teanscendental so himself but it does provide the occult philosophy behind his beliefs. Students of ICliphas LeVi will be acquainted with the qualifications and stealthy retractations by which the some- what uncompromising position of initiated superiority in the ” Doctrine and Eitual,” had its real significance read out of it by the later works of the magus.

As we have already said, according to the sole dogma of the Kabbalah, that which is in visible nature elliphas that which is in the domain of invisible nature, or secondary causes are in strict proportion and analogous to the manifestations of the First Cause. Papus, a contemporary French occultist, in an extended study of the “Doctrine of Eliphas Levi,” asks scornfully: View all 3 comments. What, in fact, does man know? Such was magic from Zoroaster to Manes, from Orpheus to Apollonius of Tyana, when positive Christianity, at length victorious over the transcwndental dreams and titanic aspirations of the Alexandrian school, dared to launch its magix publicly against this philosophy, and thus forced it to become more occult and mysterious than ever.


Its scientific reality is demonstrated by the pheno- mena of polarity, and by the universal law of sympathies or antipathies. Neither of the two operations has proved complete and adequate, neither has brought men to perfection and felicity. So is the apocalypse the book of the gnosis or secret doctrine of the first Christians, the key of which doctrine is indicated by an occult versicle transvendental the Lord’s Prayer, which the Vulgate leaves untranslated, while in the Greek rite, which preserves the traditions of St John, the priests only are transcendentl to pronounce it.

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May 20, Brad Matthews rated it really liked it. To believe is to place con- fidence in that which we as yet do not know when reason assures us beforehand of ultimately knowing or at least recognising it.

Corpus Hermeticum The Kybalion.

In the course of the s, Constant developed close ties to the Fourierist movement, publishing in Fourierist publications and praising Fourierism as the “true Christianity”. I also really liked the Nuctemeron Greek and Hebrew translations in the end. Paris, Third French Republic.

Transcendental Magic Its Doctrine and Ritual E. Levi

The science was transccendental into hiding to escape the impassioned assaults of a blind love ; it clothed itself with new hieroglyphics, dissimulated its labours, denied its hopes. It remains for you now to preserve your reason, to have a wholesome dread of the law, and to keep at a respectful distance from the Church and her faggots. A classic and essential work by Levi. We have not sought ourselves the pub- lication of this book, and we believe that if the time be come to produce speech, it will be produced by us or by others.

The Word manifested by life is realisation or incarnation. The text of the book is accurate.

If you hold by anything in the world more than by reason, truth, and justice ; if your will be uncertain and vacillating, either in good or evil ; if logic alarm you, or the naked truth make you blush ; if you are hurt when accepted errors are assailed ; condemn this work straight away ; do not read it ; let it cease to exist for you ; but at the same time do not cry it down as dangerous. Hold tightly, and do not look around.