Elias Petropoulos is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Elias Petropoulos and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and. Elias Petropoulos, who has died aged 75 in Paris, was a great chronicler of Greek popular culture and low life. Elias Petropoulos, Self: Ilias Petropoulos: Enas kosmos ypogeios. Elias Petropoulos was born on June 26, in Athens, Greece. He died on September 3.

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British Archaeological Reports International Series. Born in Athens inhe studied law at the University of Thessaloniki and Turkish Studies in Elkas where he settled in Birth on 26 June in Athens The camera reveals a man who never lost the passion for his work, gleaning information for his books and subverting established views and values.

Elias Petropoulos – An Underground World

From this background, he emerged with a sharp eye for the shadow side of human nature, an enduring sympathy petropoluos the underdog and outsider, a profound streak of melancholy and a mischievous sense of humour.

As well as producing art and literary criticism, poetry and collages, he wrote by hand, designing his own layouts and frequently illustrating his work with his own delightfully crafted drawings.

Ancient History and Archaeology. The publication of the first edition of this book in Greece in so scandalized the ruling dictatorship that he was jailed for five months. It is an interesting fact that Petropoulos was the only Greek during the 7-year dictatorship that had an identity card stating that he was an atheist.

Petropoulos grew up in Salonika during the Petropouols occupation – his father, a volunteer, was killed when he was 16 – and the Greek civil war, and studied law at Salonika University.

An Underground World meets the author at his study in Paris, where he spent his last thirty years in self-exile.

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History of the Kingdoms of Bosporus and Pontus more. He befriended homosexuals, prostitutes, rebetiko musicians, hashish smokers, petty thieves and many other people that populate the margins of Greek society. The publishing of this controversial material that is often irreverent towards the establishment and defies attempts at censorship, earned Petropoulos three different jail sentences during the dictatorship of the colonels.


Ancient authors have in Petropoulos was born in Athens on 26 Junebut spent his early years in Thessalonikiwhere his father, a junior civil servant, was transferred when Elias was six. Email required Address never made public.

Log In Sign Up. According to his will, his body was cremated and his ashes were thrown in a sewer by his lifelong partner Mary Koukoule. Cinnamon Spark thoughts of a restless mind. The following select bibliography attempts to list all of his books in English or French, and the major works in Greek.

Previous Post Yannoulis Chalepas. The lead section of this article may need to be rewritten. The body was never found and this scarred young Elias for the rest of his life. In he published the book of Elytis, Moralis, Tsarouhis. Called the Prosecution for questioning. Until the end, Elias Petropoulos was an unrepentant, anarchic idealist and one of the last romantics of our times. During his death, he asked to be cremated and his ashes thrown into the sewer.

He was born in Greece but spent much of his life in France, holding a unique place in the intellectual life of Europe. Ancient authors have in their works maintained valuable details for us, some of which are under discussion here.

Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. The most notable books of this period are:. Byie for more than 25 years and up to 70 of at pending against conviction to imprisonment for insulting religion. Elias Petropoulos arrested and imprisoned for illegal emfyliaki action.

He married and later divorced Pettropoulos Kataki Bebe and they have a daughter named Lyda Petropoulou architect. Issued about 80 books and over a thousand articles exploring taboo or marginal issues hashish rebetiko underworld, prostitution, sexuality, prison. They admire his unique ability to converse with these different, hidden worlds.

Elias Petropoulos, who has died aged 75 in Paris, was a great chronicler of Greek popular culture and low life.


He died on September 3, in Paris. We now know that although from the beginning the Greek ships were travelling across the coastlines, very soon, i.

Crambe Repetita amarior sed efficacissima. The continuous persecution that outlasted the dictatorship forced him to self-exile in Pariswhere he continued writing and publishing ethnographic works.

Views Read Edit View history. Religious beliefs were obligatorily mentioned on Greek identity documents until recent years. Elias Petropoulos became known to the general public with his book The manual of the good thief issued in Athens in by the publishing house Nephele and undeniable is the value of the first rempetologikis study in Greece that even today a reference point for the study rebetiko-perithoriou- way of life, Rembetica songs Athensissued many times since then, with several additions ellias improvements.

In he moved to Athens and started working as a columnist in pdtropoulos newspaper and “Eikones” monthly. This site uses cookies. Among his works are still famous The holy chasisakiUnderworld and KaragiozisHistory Once, Kapandais and thugs, and the petorpoulos of which was released inthe Proverbs of the underworld.

Obituary: Elias Petropoulos | News | The Guardian

Afterwards he finished high school, got a job in the Thessaloniki city council as a minor civil servant, and finished a degree in Law in the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.

Use the lead layout guide to ensure the section follows Wikipedia’s norms and to be inclusive of all essential details. Thus, the problem of the Kyanae rocks the famous Symplegades of Homerlying in the mouth of the Thracian gulf, was a crucial moment for prtropoulos penetration of early ancient Greek travelers and settlers into the Black Sea i. Essentially an anarchist, Petropoulos preferred to remain outside the establishment, the better to launch his occasional attacks on politicians, the police, the church, academics and others he deemed hypocritical or malicious.