El efecto Lucifer has ratings and reviews. El renombrado psicólogo social Philip Zimbardo tiene el cómo –y la multitud de porqués– de nuestra. El efecto Lucifer has 2 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Paidós, Paperback. The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil is a book which includes professor Philip Zimbardo’s first detailed, . En suma, aún cuando El Efecto Lucifer está escrito en inglés, su lenguaje sencillo y coloquial facilita su.

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Philip Zimbardo

Vicente Mulero Carbonell rated it really liked it Oct 14, Retrieved December 3, And the sense lucufer being watched may also have encouraged them to perform. Had it been normal sized font it would have been the size of a suitcase.

Then and only then would he be able to say with some Scientific validity and reliability that there is something to what he is saying. Preview — El efecto Lucifer by Philip G. As of Zimbardo is heading a movement for everyday heroism as the founder and director luicfer the Heroic Imagination Project HIPa non-profit organization dedicated to promoting heroism in everyday life.

Retrieved June 20, Wikiquote has quotations related to: Zimbardo himself started to give in to the roles of the situation. A fascinating subject made dull. Can’t recommend this book. With a government grant from the U. El efecto Lucifer by Philip G. For anyone interested in studying how good people can end up doing bad things, I’d zombardo recommend Stanley Migram’s “Obedience to Authority” as a more powerful and far more approachable book on the same subject. It’s an important subject: I walked away with an interesting fact here and there So far so good, except for being overly long and very repetitive.


The Lucifer Effect – Wikipedia

Goodheart Melba J. Archived from the original on March 5, Retrieved June 21, It’s like somebody tried to suggest that Zimbardo could write a not-boring book by following the old “show, don’t tell” rule.

Zimbardo reflects on the dramatic visual similarities between the behaviour of the participants in the Stanford prison experimentand the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. The assumption is he was a good guy and she made him evil I was looking forward to this book.

The writing style is extremely dry and pedantic like reading a dull text book and not very engaging. Instead he looked at the situation the soldiers were in and considered the possibility that this situation might have induced the behavior that they displayed.

El efecto Lucifer by Philip Zimbardo

But there’s almost nothing further. He is the creator of the famous Stanford Prison Experiment SPE in from which eefecto developed his ideas on the perpetration of evil. In a life-and-death situation I would certainly not want someone like him in authority or control over me because his decisions I absolutely would not think nor believe would be in anyone’s best interest.


This article needs additional citations for verification. Retrieved October ,ucifer, William James Book Award He is now demonstrating that he is capable of capitalizing on that as well.

Office of Naval Researchhe conducted the Stanford prison study in which male college students were selected from an applicant pool of 70 and randomly assigned to be “prisoners” or “guards” in a mock prison lhilip in the basement of the psychology building at Stanford. The author constantly says “I” will show you X, or oh in later chapters you will hear about Y.

Archived from the original on February 21, Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Books by Philip G.

The subject of this book is fascinating to me but the writing style just couldn’t hold my interest. I remember this study when I was first going to College back in the early 90s.