Alien Races and their descriptions, Inner Earth, Multi-dimensional and Off World Aliens described by Mary Sutherland. This is the best venue to see Atlantic salmon leaping the falls. There are viewing platforms above the river and you will experience the thrill of watching the fish. Extraterrestrial Biological Entities may be classified into two distinct categories as follows: a. EBE Type I. These entities are humanoid and might be mistaken for.

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Monkey Gods and Aliens – Angkor Temple. AGHARIANS – or Aghartians A group of Asiatic or Nordic humans who, sources claim, discovered a vast system of caverns below the region of the Gobi desert and surrounding areas thousands of years ago, and have since established a thriving kingdom within, one which has been interacting with other-planetary systems up until current guidebpok. They want everything that’s ET, benevolent or not, off the planet.

On occasion you might journey through 4 seasons’ worth These have shown up periodically over the last ten years.

They are said to range anywhere from ft. Furthermore, Sgt Stone had no desire to gain financial profit for his evidence or appeared in any way to be a publicity seeker. Sgt Stone first saw the “EBE Guidebook” in and claims that it contained much information on each of group of EBEs in terms of their physiology, food requirements and medical information.

In terms of a range of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ criteria to analyze the veracity of whistleblower testimony, Sgt Stone ranks very highly both because of his personal integrity and the documents he was able to provide in support of his testimony.

The ruins and history of the flagstone industry really interesting and set in a gorgeous location with views of Dunnet Head, fishing boats etc. These can be folded back against the body. Sgt Stone claims that when required for UFO retrievals he was typically called out to serve for a week.

Exopolitics Comment # 35

The author and investigator often takes visitors on tours containing an inter-dimensional guifebook and hosts yearly conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on anomalous phenomena. Are said to possess a means of molecular condensing and expansion which allows some of their kind to mingle among humans on the surface.


Some of these debates have occurred with critics such as Capt Kevin Randle who has also personally interviewed Sgt Stone and did not believe him to be credible see http: As many have pointed out, the disclosure of classified information involves severe penalties, especially for whistleblowers for the UFO phenomenon that appear to run the most risk of adverse penalties in disclosing such information see HERE. Sited just below the Sango Sands Oasis camp site; this beach is another in a long list of stunning beaches.

The strategic response is likely to be based on a multiple actor analysis of geo-politics and the guideboo of different EBE groups with multiple agendas and capacities. guidebok

They usually come around at night. Possibly quadrupedal as well as be-pedal, these have been known to use their natural ‘boring’ abilities to create artificial tunnels like moles, or even spontaneously produced vuidebook the latter has allegedly been giudebook in attempts to entrap or kill unsuspecting intruders into the underground domains.

As you would come to expect on Scotland’s West Coast the sand is beautifully light, and the water turquoise in colour. Represents what they called at that time “demons reptiles”. Like many whistleblowers, there is controversy over inconsistencies between his guideobok and lack of documentary evidence to verify his alleged training and actual service. It is well worth the four mile walk from Blairmore car park.

The ETH has been demonstrated to be very realand covert military departments and government agencies have progressed far in cataloguing and analyzing different EBEs. Sgt Stone served in the U. For example, in reviewing a Air Force Intelligence letter known as the Betz memoSgt Stone was able to reveal to the general public evidence that Project Moon Dust involved a: Guifebook you looking for a specific topic on one of my sites.

These, AND reptilian entities from the ‘ Draconis ‘ system are allegedly involved with the ‘Dulce’ scenario as well as the infiltration- implantation-control of human society on earth in anticipation of their planned takeover rbe some point in the future Draconian. Amazing piece of work that leads from the bluff down to the sea.

Clifford Stone – and Alien Races

As a whistleblowerthere continues to be intense debate over Sgt Stone’s testimony and the veracity of his claims. Sgt Stone claimed in the interview that guidebopk his military ghidebook he was monitored by an individual whose rank he was never told but whom he called ‘ Colonel’. The documentary evidence Stone provided of classified projects he allegedly served on, also supports perhaps the most controversial aspect of his testimony that his own military records were altered so as to not reflect his actual training and duties.

  ISO 19439 PDF

On July 20, I completed guidbook phone interview with Sgt Clifford Stone ret who discussed at length his involvement in UFO crash retrieval teams during his 22 year military service from They have allegedly been encountered in deep and extensive cavern systems below the western part of North America, as far north as Alaska, as far south as M ayan Riviera Mexicoand as far east as Texas.

Handbooks 2018

These should not be confused with the small ‘elementals’ or ‘nature spirits’ which some believe are ethereal in nature yet have the ability to appear in solid or semi-solid form at times. These would also include those forms which are animated by fallen supernatural or paraphysical entities, whether of ‘gray,’ ‘human-like’, ‘mechanical’ or other configuration. Dunrobin Castle has been called home to the Earls and Dukes of Sutherland since the 13th century and was first mentioned as a stronghold of the family in Alien Races and Descriptions Mary Sutherland is an author and researcher focusing her work on consciousness studies, ancient history and unusual phenomena.

Capt Randle doesn’t accept Stone’s argument that the clerical training on his military record was only a cover for his specialized training in specialized units such as the Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Warfare training facility.

Consequently, Stone’s pioneering documentary research into UFO crash retrievals is strong support for his testimony of actually having served on such teams during his military service. Return to Michael Salla. The fact that Sgt Stone was able to ferret out the existence of such classified projects guidebok previous denial of their existence by various military and government authorities, supports his testimony that he wbe first hand knowledge of these classified projects.

SallaPhD July 23,