The Tales of Dunk and Egg are a series of prequel novellas written by George R.R. Martin, which begin 90 years before the events of the A Song of Ice and Fire . An update on all things Dunk & Egg To date I have published three novellas about them. “The Hedge Knight” was published in Robert Silverberg’s anthology . The Dunk & Egg stories and the dramatic events of Robert’s Rebellion have long been favored by series fans as natural spin-off material, and.

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As of latework on the story has been postponed while Martin completes The Winds of Winter. Dunk does so and later hears from John that the latter once saw Duncan himself, in a dream, in the armor of the royal guard.

An adaptation for The Mystery Knight will finally be released in ‘s fourth of Julythis time published by Random House in a single graphic novel edition. Dunk’s real commitment is protecting the common people who Dun is forcing into preparing for a battle that will get them butchered. This incomparable annual compilation of the best… More.

When I read them Egt think I can actually feel my endorphins popping, they do make me giddy. Before Dunk leaves, Rohanne offers him her finest mare to make amends; and when he refuses, Lady Rohanne insists that he take something to remember her by, and he pulls her into a passionate kiss, and takes a length of her hair as a keepsake.

Tales of Dunk and Egg – Wikipedia

xunc Prince Baelor doesn’t allow it. Egg, however, is much better educated than Dunk. Aemon mentions that when he went to the wall, “He [Egg] sent me north aboard the Golden Dragon, and insisted that his friend Ser Duncan see me safe to Eastwatch”.

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The Tales of Dunk and Egg Series

Dragon, Sword and King. Dunk gets an education on snogging from the more experienced Lady Rohanne. You Are Already Dead: I am assuming we will get ducn of this and I can foresee a 3 to 4 books of 3-novella collections. He’s sworn his sword to Ser Eustace Osgrey to defend his lands and people from the Webbers, but Eustace is a former supporter of the Blackfyre pretenders and so a traitor, and Lady Rohanne hates him ebg foolishly entering a conflict that led to her beloved Ser Addam dying on the opposite side.


Legends of Fantasy by John Joseph Adams. Aerion runs on the stuff. There will be as many novellas as it takes to tell their tale, start to finish.

The Tales of Dunk and Egg Series by George R.R. Martin

Unlike other examples, he fully accepts his guilt and resolves to make amends as much as he can, first sending his evil son, Prince Aerion Brightflame to Lys and then assigning Dunk as the Hedge Knight and Mentor to his youngest son, and favorite, Aegon in the hopes that he has more humility than his brothers.

Martin and Gardner Dozois. In search of the absent Egg, Duncan is wounded by Alyn Cockshaw, who claims to have bribed Uthor Underleaf, and throws him into a well.

In Octobera collected edition of the first three tales was published under the title of A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms with illustrations by Gary Gianni.

These three stories were collected in one book, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms A medieval version, but Lady Webber hits all the points – beautiful, manipulative, Ad Sexual Tension with the hero, even the sympathetic point-of-view.

The Sworn Sword is a novella by George R. According to Ser Barristan Selmy, this stimulated resentment and treason amongst the lords, and ultimately caused the “tragedy of Summerhall”. For Want of a Nail: A classic example in that we see Dunk becoming Ser Duncan and Egg becoming his squire, their first meeting. Six to twelve stories in the series are planned. Baelor “The Blessed” — [16] [16]. The ahd relate the adventures of the hedge knight Ser Duncan the Tallwho would become a legendary member of the Kingsguardand his squire Eggwho would become King Aegon V Targaryen of Westeros.

A lot of the rumors about her are technically true, but she takes no pleasure in her actionsand is overall one of the more sympathetic people in the story. Aerys I [17] — [16]. The night’s alive with promise. The Mystery Knight by George R. Before the jousting continues, word spreads through the castle that the dragon egg is missing, and the blame is placed on Ser Glendon Ball, who is imprisoned by Peake. That’s when they discover that the back of his skull has been crushed, and the helmet was basically the only thing holding it together.


I, for one, have grown quite fond of the title “The She-wolves of Winterfell”. I can’t wait to see him play in Westeros again. In the resulting joust, Dunk is unhorsed by Aerion, but beats him into submission, and Aerion recants his accusation. At Ashford, Dunk sells one of his horses for a suit of armor by the smith Pate, and befriends Ser Steffon Fossoway’s squire and cousin, Raymun Fossoway. The Sworn Sword by George R.

It takes place in the same universe and continuity of A Song of Ice and Fire but is set approximately a century before the events of the main series. Be my dog, ser. Where are you going, ser?

The entire story takes place entirely at the Tournament at Ashford and goes into details in exploring the rituals of competition and chivalry, as well as the atmosphere around it. As a prank, Dunk is initially made to believe that the gonk Lady Uffering, one of Rohane’s attendants is Lady Webber, and believes the lie in part because Lady Uffering looks how he’d expect a nasty multiple-widow to look. A Game of Thrones.

Dunk is met again by Pate, who presents him with a new shield, originally an old one that was re-rimmed in new steel by Pate and that Tanselle has painted in his chosen sigil – an elm tree silhouetted against the sunset with a shooting star duhc and left for him before departing.

I will never forget the way the sun looked when it set upon the Redgrass Field Last cunc, Jet City Comics reissued both grahic novels.

The fighting costs the lives of both Humfreys; and Baelor himself dies of a blow to the head. Designed by Lilia Ahner.