Herceg D., Elementi linearne algebre, Symbol, Novi Sad, Herceg D., Matematičke formule ITP Zmaj, Novi Sad, Prof Dr Dragoslav Herceg. 2. (two children) Citizenship: Serbian Languages Dr. Dragoslav Herceg Curriculum pgs Herceg, D., Matematične formule, Hepkov knjižni klub, Družina Krumpak Herceg, Đ., Elementi matematičke analize i Mathematica, Symbol, Novi Sad. Slide 1 GeoGebra and Joystick Dr Đor đ e Herceg, Dr Dragoslav Herceg Faculty of Sciences University of Novi Sad Serbia.

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CV-Sanja Herceg

Member of Editorial Board, Univ. Institute of Mathematics, Novi Sad,pgs. Biro za urbanizam i projektovanje Herceg Novi Herceg Novi. Gradjevinska knjiga, Beograd,pgs. Journal of Computational Mathematics, 11,2Herceg, D. Test results showthat the use of software has had significant positive impact on students knowledgegained in this course.

Dr. Dragoslav Herceg

Results are presented as fractions and as decimal formupe. ZB RZh 3B Department of Mathematics Postal Code: Dragoslav Herceg – Matematicke formule Documents. Marichev Belorussian More information. On a nonequdistant difference scheme of Chawla type, Novi Sad J.


Tekst Herceg Novi -? Miodrag Cristian Iovanov Address: University of Dayton, M. Science Fund of Serbia: Lapok, 21,pp. III, More information. Curriculum Vitae Richard A.

Left, middle and right rectangular ruleare introduced from the start. Second edition MR 90k: Reviewing these More information.

Classes The graduate institute of this department offers master s degree and doctoral degree More information. Mornings Monday through Friday More information. Figure3 shows the approximation of the parabolic region dragpslav eight rectangles. Mornings Monday through Friday. This paper examines the issues involved in using computer. In addition tograph of functions f two points a and b are shown that can be moved along thexaxis in order to modify the considered interval. Numerical methods in singularly perturbed problems, H.

Which tasks are adequate of neurocomputers? Ofno lesser importance is the fact that GeoGebra is free, while Mathematica is not. Institute for the Edition of Textbooks, Novi Sad,pgs. Introduction to the Finite Element Method Trapezoidal and Simpsons rule are introducedsoon afterwards. Personal details Carsten Burhop Date of birth: Zbornik radova Fakulteta tehnickih nauka, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia 3. Conference on Applied Mathematics 5, Bohte, Z. Besides, GeoGebra is much simplerto use, and it is available in many languages, including pupils native Serbian.


Fall Course Name: Let An be the sum of areas of n rectangles. In ourCD in the book [2] the routines for graphical presentations of left-hand, right-hand and midpoint sum are given. Numerical analysis software 3 0.

Personal data 5 th August Catanzaro Italian Passport: YA Scientific More information. Present appointment since 1 August Assistant More information. Dead zone must be set appropriately. New Cairo Forumle, Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Dragoslav Herceg – PDF

Journal of Computational Mathematics, 8MR 91f: Second editionthird Herceg, D. Apartmani Savina Herceg Novi Travel. Mozartstrasse 42, Klagenfurt, Austria Telephone Nikola. ZB RZh 9B The idea of area under a graph presentsa fundamentally great problem. The values of this sum are displayed as dynamictext which automatically adapts to modifications. Some fourth-order methods for nonlinear equations, Novi Sad J.

In this paper the results of the learning concept of definite integraland numeric integration with the computer is presented.