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Would you consider getting married again and if so what would you do different and what protections would you need to have in place? Perhaps I can use this platform as a sounding board for people who have gone through one of the most emotionally and financially traumatic experiences possible.

My brother went through a very ugly divorce. I am sure there are examples of it working but it is no longer a process I trust or prescribe to.

But then after I hit publish, it slowly faded away and was replaced with feelings of accomplishment. This site uses cookies. I especially like not being burdened by a spouse who constantly complained about my lack of spending.

Do you have any any idea how your ex has coped financially since the divorce? Duvorce saw MD and thought big pockets and she had a very unscrupulous lawyer Doc I found a huge positive sharing my story and hope every submitter has an dlc1 positive experience.


I am not going to lie, when I was actually writing the posts, I was forced to relive some moments that I had pushed deep into the darkest recesses of my mind. They saw MD and thought big pockets and she had a very unscrupulous lawyer. When we divorced we split our net worth in half with me getting the house in Denver, him getting the house in Florida that was supposed to be our retirement house.

Your ability ask open-ended and thoughtful questions is impressive.

Thank you for that very touching comment. With your unique perspective, there is no doubt that you will help others who are in tough marital situations. Represents the weighted average sales price per share. Your divorcee has some good advice for what to consider before getting married. I am glad you have her back. What is your current state of recovery or how long it took you to get back to pre-divorce levels? As a reader of this blog, you may have no idea what kind of impact you have when you leave a comment, but it truly is amazing.

I am happy that she was able to recover from this situation and still be on her way to FIRE. I read your post on divorce and teared up when came to the part about losing your daughter and had to stop for a few minutes. The undersigned acknowledges that John A.

Doc1 – Fiona Scott – Site de lyc-rivalain !

I really appreciate that DMF. And just knowing that you are likely helping someone from your experience is also very rewarding. I sincerely applaud your efforts! I definitely agree DMB. When I first posted about my own awful experience regarding divorceseveral things happened:. I hope you find dkc1 knowing that your story fivorce helps a reader who may feel lost and in a similar position.


I would also applaud your interviewing skills.

I have created an outline of some dco1 the topics you might want to consider elaborating on in your submission. Kaelle and Douglas Appleton are not assuming any of the undersigned’s responsibilities to comply with Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of Thank you for sharing your story. File three copies of this Form, one of which must be manually signed. His wife was the ex from hell. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Divorce & FIRE

It also made me truly appreciate the accomplishments Duvorce have since achieved even more by reminding me again where I had been. But not only that, allowing others to come on here and talk about their own journey. I had someone the other day ask me, if they could give me the 1 secret to wealth, what would it be. This submitter got in contact w me after the post and said she loved reading the comments Loading