Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Annette von Droste-Hülshoff’s The Jew’s Beech (Die Judenbuche) is brilliantly constructed with apparent artlessness on a platform of paradoxes. It is a tale that . Die Judenbuche / The Jew’s Beech-Tree: German | English (German and English Edition) [Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, Lillie Winter] on *FREE*.

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Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. The same night orders were sent to the watchmen to arrest Frederick. After he had dressed himself in judrnbuche dark, he went as noiselessly as possible out of the tiny cubicle jduenbuche was given up to him in Simon’s house.

Frederick took no notice of it; only occasionally, when the noise was particularly loud or continuous, he raised his head and his gaze wandered slowly over the different paths which led into the clearing.

Let us read the Gospel of St. He shut his eyes again; the dog continued to bark, and finally pushed his cold muzzle into his master’s face. Little was said, and that very quietly, but at times sighs reached the boy that, young as he was, cut him to the quick.

The Jew’s Beech

It was the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin, and the priest was already in the confessional before daybreak. He has no father,” he added more quietly. He thought there must be something alive both inside and out. One of them declared that he had seen glowing eyes shining through the branches, and both had run as fast as their legs would carry them.

All was over, there was no sound in the forest, of twenty felled trees eight were still there, the others had already been removed. Hermann Mergel had gone to a wedding, and had started off betimes as the bride’s house was three-quarters of a mile away.

What things one believed when one had so little, and through unbelief was likely to lose that little!

Frederick loosed his grip of judenbuchee uncle’s arm; both went on silently until the rest of the wood was behind them and they came in sight of the village of Breder with uudenbuche mud huts and the few better houses, Simon’s amongst them, of bricks. It seemed as though he had wandered about all the time in Breder Wood. His mother Margreth maiden name Semmler was the second wife of Hermann Mergel.


Much embittered by the murder of their fellow believer, they spared neither trouble nor money to find the murderer. It was, for the time of year, an exceptionally hot day; the air shimmered, no birds were singing, only the ravens croaked in a bored manner from the branches, and held their beaks open towards the wind.

The landowners, who were responsible for the dispensing of justice, punished and rewarded according to their own ideas, which were in most cases honest: Everywhere stood stumps, many several feet high, just as they had been most convenient to cut.

The proximity of a river which flowed into the sea, and was large enough to bear decked boats which could carry the timber for ship-building safely and easily out of the country, was to a great extent responsible for encouraging the natural audacity of the people, and the fact that the whole neighborhood teemed with forest rangers only acted as an incentive, as the frequent clashes between rangers and peasants generally ended in a victory for the peasants.

You must tell me all in greater detail; to-day it was rather confused. Then followed the meeting with Frederick.

Die Judenbuche by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff

Frederick picked them up. But only for an instant.

Krus, maintains that Seligman Salomon Archenhold was the victim found murdered by the beech tree. In that district it is believed that a person who dies by an accident cannot rest in his grave. The clerk had finished his drink but made no move to go. Everybody wanted to see the man who had come back from Turkey, and they were almost astonished that he looked like other men.

Die Judenbuche by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff – Free Ebook

It could be said with certainty of some villages that they did not belong to the Blue Blouses, but no village could be seriously suspected judenbuvhe the most suspicious of them all, the village of B. They could not understand how this had been managed as there were no signs of cart tracks. I have just come from M. That is a shame! This is only half the truth, however.

The Jews’ Beech-Tree

The proscribed work must have been interrupted, for a beech-tree in full leaf lay right across the path, its branches stretching high above it and its leaves moving gently in the night wind.


But this was an unsuitable occupation for his age, and drew a great nudenbuche of ridicule upon him; ridicule which he soon silenced by a few sharp reprimands with his fist. Margaret sat by the fire; she was spinning, and her egnlish were not pleasant. Frederick handed him the bow, gave him to understand his wishes with a proud movement of the head, and went back to jjdenbuche dance.

In the meantime participation in the glory which he won was the only advantage which came to Margaret from these propitious circumstances, for Cie spent more and more on his appearance, and at last began to find it hard to bear when, owing to want of money, he had to play second fiddle to any other of the village youths. They ravaged everything like the palmer worm; whole stretches of forest would be felled in a night and carried away, so that the next morning nothing was there but chips and untidy heaps of the top wood; and the fact that the cart-tracks never led to a village, but always to the river and back again, showed that they were working under the protection, and probably with the aid, of the ship owners.

She was used to hearing her son complain, but to-day judenbuce seemed more exhausted than ever before. With these words the master got up and left the room with Kapp in order to view the body.

He turned brusquely away and strode towards the bushes. At this moment a tumult arose at the other end of the englishh, shrieks, scolding, laughter, all together.

The fact itself was unexpected, but the personality of the bride made it an even greater wonder. His fair hair went up and down a head above the others, like a pike turning over and over in the water; all round were heard the shouts of the maidens he desired to honour by thrusting his long fair hair in judrnbuche face with a quick movement of the judenbche.

During this gradual disappearance, Frederick’s face lost its expression of unconcern and grew agitated. On the way home Baron von S. I can earn money for myself now.