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The word of God makes us change our concept of realism: The Synod recommended that seminarians be concretely helped to see the relationship between biblical studies and scriptural prayer. In the first place I wish to mention the importance of the Lectionary. He thus wrote to a priest: Bishops, priests and deacons aspiring to the espwnol, all of whom have been charged by the Church to celebrate this liturgy, are obliged to pray all the Hours daily.

The silence of God, the experience of the distance of the almighty Father, is a decisive stage in the earthly journey of the Son of God, the incarnate Word.

Traducción de “Ecum. Vat. II, Const. Sacrosanctum Concilium, sobre” en inglés

The word of God and the Liturgy of the Hours As the Synod Fathers affirmed, the theme of inspiration is clearly decisive for an adequate approach to the Scriptures and their correct interpretation, [67] which for its part is to be done in the same Spirit in whom the sacred texts were written.

AAS 12 In no way can our imaginations, our concepts or our words ever define or embrace the infinite reality of the Most High. Those who by virtue of their state in life are obliged to pray the Liturgy of the Hours should carry out this duty faithfully for the benefit of the whole Church. It is the way of artistic expressionpart of that ” via pulchritudinis ” – the ” way of beauty”of which I have spoken several times and whose deepest meaning must be recovered by men and women today.

Opera Omnia V, Quaracchipp. The word of God draws each of us into a conversation with the Lord: The Synod Fathers themselves recommended, for example, a closer working relationship between pastors, exegetes and theologians. God does not reveal himself in the abstract, but by using languages, imagery and expressions that are bound to different cultures.

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May every day of our lives thus be shaped by a renewed encounter with Christ, the Word of the Father made flesh: The Synod of Bishops forcefully reaffirmed the need within the Church for a revival of the missionary consciousness present in the People of God from the beginning.


Indeed, the goal to which we are necessarily progressing is the one Word. It is primarily the task of the lay faithful, formed in the school verbim the Gospel, to be directly involved in political and social activity. Reality, then is born of the word, as creatura Verbiand everything is called to serve the word.

The biblical dimension of catechesis It must be observed, however, that the concept of the fulfilment of the Scriptures is a complex one, since it has three dimensions: On the other hand, it is indispensable, through witness, to make this word credible, lest it appear merely as a beautiful philosophy or utopia, rather than a reality that can be lived and itself give life.

Part of authentic parenthood is to pass on and bear witness to verbym meaning of life in Christ: Juan Pablo II, Enc. Also, where needed, specialized expanol for biblical studies should be established to ensure that exegetes possess a solid understanding of theology and an appropriate appreciation for the contexts in which they carry out their mission.

Propositiones 46 and The word of God is thus expressed in human words thanks to the working of the Holy Spirit. In this regard the Synod Fathers stated that migrants are entitled to hear the kerygmawhich is to be proposed, not imposed.

The relationship between the word of God and culture has found expression in many areas, especially in the arts. Finally, I wish to emphasize the statements of the Synod Fathers about the ecumenical importance of translations of the Bible in the various languages. God in dialogue [6] The analogy of the word of God [7] The cosmic dimension of the word [8] The creation of man [9] The realism of the word [10] Christology of the word [] The eschatological dimension of the word of God [14] The word of God and the Holy Spirit [] Tradition and Scripture [] Sacred Scripture, inspiration and truth [19] God the Father, source and origin of the word [].

Propositiones 5 and Taking into account the complexity of the phenomenon, a mobilization of all dioceses involved is essential, so that movements of migration will also be seen as an opportunity to discover new forms of presence and proclamation.

Final Message II, 5.

Their common task is not finished when they have simply determined sources, defined forms or explained literary procedures. I remember how much Father de la Pottier expended himself to help the Council Bishops understand the problems which were behind the great themes of the Word of God and Sacred Scripture.

From this kerygmatic standpoint, the synodal assembly was a testimony, before the Church and before the world, to the immense beauty of encountering the word espanoo God in the communion of the Church. The Synod Fathers also proposed that churches give a place of honour to the sacred Scriptures, even outside of liturgical celebrations.


Christians, Jews and the sacred Scriptures The Fathers acknowledged with joy that study of the word of God in the Church has grown in recent decades, and they expressed heartfelt gratitude to the many exegetes and theologians who with dedication, commitment and competence continue to make an essential contribution to the deeper understanding of the meaning of the Scriptures, as they address the complex issues facing biblical studies in our day. This end will be served if candidates are introduced to the study of Scripture through methods which favour this integral approach.

InsegnamentiV, 1 Following the example of the Apostle John and the other inspired authors, may we allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit to an ever greater love of the word of God. The Synod Fathers greatly stressed the importance of promoting a suitable knowledge of the Bible among those engaged in the area of culture, also in secularized contexts and among non-believers. What has been said in general about the relationship between the word and the sacraments takes on deeper meaning when we turn to the celebration of the Eucharist.

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All of us recognize how much the light of Christ needs to illumine every area of human life: Dwi and the new evangelization The Synod asked that this prayer become more widespread among the People of God, particularly the recitation of Morning De and Evening Prayer.

Another suggestion which emerged from the Synod was that the proclamation of the word of God, and the Gospel in particular, should be made more solemn, especially on major liturgical feasts, through the use of the Gospel Book, carried in procession during the opening rites and then brought to the lectern by a deacon or priest for proclamation. Here I wish to affirm once more that religion can never justify intolerance or war. The Synod on the Eucharist had already called for greater care to be taken in the proclamation of the word of God.

Love of neighbour, rooted in the love of God, ought to see us constantly committed as individuals and as an ecclesial community, both local and vwrbum. With these words, the liturgy invites us to make our own this hymn to God, creator and provideraccepting vsrbum plan into our lives.